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Jeffreys Green Update, July 2021


Since my last update residents have received keys to their new homes and are hopefully settling in well.  It’s been great to see these homes being lived in at last, and we wish everyone all the best.

These new affordable homes, and the other Orwell homes in the village, are protected to remain affordable into the future and for people with an eligible connection to Cockfield to be given priority when they are allocated.  If you weren’t successful, or it wasn’t the right time for you this time round, please remember that homes will become available in the future.  Our Housing Officer will contact the Parish Council when we have a vacancy, and please keep an eye out on Gateway to Homechoice and ensure your application is live so you’re ready to bid.

For the full update please view or download the document below:

  Jeffreys Green Update, July 2021


Dawn Edwards
Development Manager
Orwell Housing Association

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