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Community Council Chairman’s Report
to the Annual Parish Meeting, April 2018

It is said that time and tides wait for no man; that has certainly been true this year.

We have tried as ever, to host varying and engaging events for the village and I thank all volunteers for their commitment to this end.

The Art Show was even better this year with many more artists exhibiting and many more people coming to see, to appreciate and to buy. Nice to see so many visitors appreciating this lovely village as well as the art on display.

The monthly dances are still well attended; many thanks to June and her team for their unstinting work on this front

Newspapers continue to be collected monthly for recycling and the revenue plays a worthy part in the maintenance of the pavilion. Thanks to all the people who give their time on a Sunday morning to collect the paper and to David Hodge for the storage facility.

The past year has seen quite a few small family parties using the pavilion and enjoying the green.

In July we held a car boot sale on Great Green, at one point it looked like a no-hoper but suddenly people came out of the woodwork and made the occasion a complete success.

The Village Show at Clipt Bushes was, once again, a fine event, it’s good to see old villagers rubbing shoulders with newcomers on such a social day in such a beautiful setting.

Many people made this happen and. I thank each and every one for their involvement and I especially thank Barbara and Caroline Ruffell for allowing us to use their lovely barn and grounds.

In September we held  a major 60’s dance at the village hall , a bit of something completely different for village entertainment , well presented and well supported. This was followed in November by a Quiz night attended by many with massive intelligence and IQ but some people ( myself included he said quietly) didn’t know quite as much about Cockfield as they thought they did!

Ear’s meadow and Bruff’s Line opened a few eyes wide in September when it hosted a major Tree Warden’s forum ; about 70 people visited and were visibly impressed by the work that has been done there and the enhanced beauty. Hats off to all the people involved who make this area such a place of relaxation and peace.

Around the end of the year the mini bus was replaced by a more up to date model. I wish to thank Carl Brinkley and Rod Portwood for their work on this and also Councillor Robert Lindsey and the Parish Council for their financial input and Hewicks Haulage for stabling the vehicle.

Carols on The Green is always a good way end the year, always cold up there but never too cold to mar the warmth of those who come together to make a glad noise and to celebrate the true .meaning of Christmas.

The Hangover Hike was well supported and a worthy social way to see in the new year.

Plenty of water for the Duck Race this year! We just about managed to catch the ducks before they got to Lavenham. Number 17 is still AWOL so if you find him send him home. Lots of people turned up and everyone got a prize which compensated a bit for some rather wet feet.

The cinema nights are working very well and people are obviously enjoying the films that Julie selects for the village. We are striving to improve the quality of the shows and are currently working on getting a surround sound system,. It’s interesting to note that some villages with populations far in excess of our own have far lower audience numbers. Keep up the good work!

Notice should be taken of the monthly coffee mornings held at the village hall, well attended by all age groups and a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

I wish to finish my report with a message of tribute to Sandra Stannard who left the village late last year. Your very nature provides a foundation upon which communities are founded, all organisations feel great pride and respect to know and to have worked with you

Actually, those words apply to all who have worked and will work for the good of this parish. Without you this village would not be the place that it is.


 R Williams

  CCC Report to the Annual Community Couuncil Meeting 2018

What does the Community Council do?

Cockfield Community Council was established as a charity in 1968 with the objective of providing a new village hall for recreational facilities and other amenities to improve the lifestyles of the community residing in the village.

  • Manages the sports pavilion on Great Green
  • Manages and maintains the community mini bus, which is available for use, subject to a payment for mileage, by any member over the age of 25 holding a clean driving licence.  You also need to be a member of the Community Council to hire the minibus.
  • Organises the Village Fete during the summer
  • Organises the Gig on the Green in summer (except for 2012 when the Gig on the Green was combined with the Jubilee celebrations which were paid for jointly with the Parish Council).
  • Organises monthly Country & Western dances in the Village Hall.
  • Organises an annual village Golf Day
  • Organises the New Year’s Day hike.
  • Supports the annual ‘Carols on the Green’ service.
  • Supports the Earl’s Meadow/Bruff’s Line woodland project
  • Supports, on an ad hoc basis, any village projects being undertaken by, for example, the Village Hall Committee or the various pre-school groups.
  • Supports the Cockfield Computer Circle
  • Supports the Cockfield First Responders group.

Where does the money come from?

  • Subscriptions and a monthly draw
  • The monthly dances
  • A monthly waste paper collection
  • Profits from the Fete

How much do we spend?

This year we have contributed £2,000 to the purchase of additional land at Earl’s Meadow, £1,800 to the celebration of HM the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and £2,000 to the purchase of equipment for the First Responders. In addition to this we pay for pavilion maintenance, electricity and water.

The Community Council relies on members for finance, through subscriptions, and volunteering to help in our many activities.  If you’re not a member, why not join now?  It only costs £3 per person per year (that’s 25 pence per month!).

We also run a monthly draw, with prizes of £20, £15, £10 and £5 – again this costs just £3 per year.

Join now – your Community Council needs YOU!

For more information, or if you would like to become a member, or make a donation or get involved, please email

Community Council Constitution

In October 2013 the Community Council Constitution was revised.

To view or download a copy, click the link below:

  Community Council Constitution, 2013 Revision