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Community Council Trustees

The Community Council is administered by a Board of Trustees of between 6 and 16 members elected at the Council’s Annual General Meeting. The Officers of the Board of Trustees are Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board of Trustees meets at least 6 times a year on dates scheduled at the AGM.

The full Constitution of the Community Council can be viewed or downloaded here:

  Community Council Constitution, 2013 Revision

Profiles of the current Board of Trustees

Here are the Community Council Trustees. Always approachable, always willing to talk about what the Community Council is up to and listen to your suggestions for fundraising events or projects to get involved in. Send an email to

Barbara Turner - Treasurer

It’s over 24 years since I took over as Postmistress and have been a trustee for several years now. I love helping planning events. l also prepare the wages for CATEY Pre-school and am the Poppy co-ordinator for Cockfield. I love jigsaw puzzles, reading, making cards (to order) knitting and crochet and cats – I have four. I also feed 20-30 feral cats that live around the shop and have managed to trap and neuter in excess of 30 of them and home several kittens.

Ivan Green

I have lived in Cockfield all my life as have my family for over 150 years. I can honestly say I would not want to live anywhere else. I’m married to Kristina and have two children, Luke and Ella. Cockfield has always had a great community spirit and I’m keen to make sure that continues. That’s why I became a trustee of the Community Council. Hobbies include motorsport, fishing and golf.

Jill Box

Tony and I moved to Cockfield from Leeds 37 years ago. Our 3 children were born and raised here and went to the village school where I got involved in fundraising and was chairman of FOCSA. Over the years I have helped with events to raise money for the church.  I want to support the village activities more, which is my intention, by joining the Community Council.

Julie Goodsman

I moved from London to Cockfield 10 years ago. What a difference, amazing community, great friends and people who actually say “hello”. I live with my husband, 2 teenage sons, 2 Labradors, 2 cats and several rescued chickens. I teach Zumba in the village hall and my hobbies include Theatre, Dance and Gardening.

Julie Perry

I moved to Cockfield in 1985 when my parents began running The Three Horseshoes, as it was then known. It was here that I met my husband and we first lived at cross green and now great green. I was a committee member of both Catey preschool and Focsa during the years that my two sons attended the village school and look forward to once again being involved in community events and meeting some of the new faces in the village.

June Pettit

I have lived in Cockfield all my life serving on the Community Council Committee since it was formed in 1971. I organise the monthly Country & Western Dances, I'm also booking secretary & treasurer for the village hall. I play bowls, both carpet & lawn.

Matt Green

Michelle Callinan

I’m a self motivated Account Manager, working in a Finance industry in a sales role for 25 years, currently 10 years for Close Brothers. I have lived in Cockfield since December 2006 with my 2 boys. I have an active role within the village, including being on the committee of WI.

Nicola Meekings

My name is Nicola Meekings.  I have lived in the village for most of my life, as a child I remember a great sense of community within the village and its residents.  I have been involved with; Little Cuties Play Group, Catey Pre-school and Friends of Cockfield School Association for fund raising, now my children are older I felt it was time to try and regain some of the sense of community within the village.  By joining the Community Council I hope that we can nurture our community for all.

Pauline Smalinsky

I am recently retired and have lived in Cockfield with my partner for almost 9 years now, making a permanent move to the village in 2016. In that time I’ve grown to appreciate what a welcoming and friendly community we are. I am interested in theatre, gardening, walking my dog and generally making the most of the many opportunities that this lovely part of the country has to offer. I am looking forward to contributing in whatever way I can to keeping the village a vibrant and good place to live.

Trudy Mann

I have lived in the village for over twenty years with my partner and my daughter, I couldn’t think of anywhere lovelier to live. My interests are gardening which I am a member of the Thorpe Morieux gardening club and Cockfield WI. I am currently a committee member on FOCSA for which we fund raise for Cockfield Primary School.  I enjoy a wide range of crafts such as Crocheting, Sewing, Felting and Stained Glass, anything creative! I really enjoy being part of a great team of people making this village fun and keeping the village community alive!

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