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Parish Council Meeting Report, June 2021

Summary report of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council on 24 June 2021 at 7.30pm held in the Village Hall, Cockfield.

Please note: To obtain a copy of the full formal minutes of this meeting, please email the Parish Clerk,

Ongoing actions;

 Telephone Kiosk; Given the difficulties with relocating the telephone box Cllr Turner would investigate alternative solutions to house a defibrillator at Great Green.

Turfing at Great Green Play Equipment: Cllrs were reminded that this work had been deferred until the Autumn.

Planning Compliance; The Clerk noted the remedial work undertaken by SCC on the overgrown hedge problems at Craufard House, Howe Lane. However, overgrown hedge at Meadow Lodge, Chapel Rd had not yet been actioned.

The Clerk to contact BMSDC Enforcement to ascertain whether the work undertaken to create the visibility splays to the entrance to the site (DC/18/00306) is the full extent of work to be undertaken, or whether the contractor intends removing tree stumps etc. It seems there is no obligation under the approval to completely remove tree stumps etc. Cllrs are therefore concerned as to the long-term maintenance provision the developer has for this. Situation to be monitored.

Dog Litter Bin (Smithwood Green) This had been procured and work to site the bin with a metal post is in hand with local contractors.

Bandstand; Cllr Morley to obtain a quotation for cleaning and painting the inside and the outside of the Bandstand, Great Green.

Litter Pick; Cllrs were reminded that the Litter Pick along the A1141 between Loft Corner and the southern Cockfield Boundary is deferred until the Autumn.

Glebe Land; Cllrs Webster and Morley had visited the glebe land to review the main entrance visibility improvements, gates and security, other short-term maintenance issues and vegetation trimming.

Suffolk County Councillor had a clash of meeting so only provided a written report and Babergh District Councillor Reports gave updates from across the district.

Public comment; Members of the Public reiterated concerns for overgrown footways and hedges.

Planning: Applications received which have been referred to the Parish Council for consultation;

 DC/21/03129: Householder Planning Application - Erection of a first-floor extension over existing single storey side extension and replacement of existing conservatory with single storey rear extension. Jaydam House, 8 Great Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0HQ (Consultation Response Deadline 18/06/21, extended until 28/06/21). The Parish Council Supported this application

 DC/21/02296: Submission of details (Reserved Matters) under Outline Planning Permission DC/19/04755 dated 22/02/2021. Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale for Erection of up to 28no. dwellings (Plots 5, 6 and 7 of Reserved Matters Permission DC/19/02020 to be repositioned/amended). Discharge of Conditions 5 (Archaeological Work), 8 (Estate Roads and Footpaths), 10 (Parking), 11 (Refuse Bins), 12 (Construction Management Plan), 13 (Construction Environmental Management Plan), 14 (Biodiversity Enhancement Strategy), 15 (Landscape Environmental Management Plan), 19 (Surface Water Drainage Scheme), 26 (Swift Boxes), 27 (Hedgehog Fencing), 28 (Rainwater Harvesting), 29 (Electric Car Charging Points) and 30 (Tree Survey). Land To The Rear Of Plough And Fleece Inn, Great Green, Cockfield, Suffolk (Consultation Response Deadline 22/06/21, extended until 28/06/21). The Parish Council objected to the application (Full detail of the extensive response can be found on the BMSDC Planning portal)


DC/21/03177: Notification for works to trees in a Conservation Area - Remove approximately 14no Conifer trees (Forming Hedge) and Replant with Laurel. Candleford House, Cross Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0LG (Consultation Response Deadline 24/06/21, extended until 28/06/21). The Council had not objection


DC/21/03496: Proposal: Application for works to a tree/s in a Conservation Area - Prune back 1No Acacia tree (T1) large branch overhanging the patio to an appropriate growing point. Prune back 1No Acacia tree (T2), overhanging branch over the garage to an appropriate growing point. Removing any dead branches on both trees. Sketch plan 1. Hope House, Cross Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LG (Consultation Response Deadline 09/07/21). The Council had not objection

Babergh District Council planning permissions/refusals received:

DC/21/002586: Notification of Works to Trees Protected by a Preservation Order - T1 (Sycamore) - Remove basal epicormic growth. T2 (Oak) - Raise crown to 5m; reduce lateral extension to west by 2m to suitable growth points; remove deadwood and snapped branches. G1 (Sycamores) - Reduce lateral extension to north by 1-2m to suitable growth points. Parcel Of Land North of Wood End House. Decision: Consent has been Granted.

Cllrs noted they had received no formal update on the on-going Loft Croner development.

Council discussed the previous committee meeting with contribution from Cllr Arthey on the process and how other councils dealt with such situations. The Council are awaiting an update to discuss this further


Under our financial regulations we agreed; a donation gift for Mr L Mills as a ‘Thank You’ for undertaking the Internal Audit. A further donation gift for Mrs G Rose as a ‘Thank You’ for maintaining the War Memorial grass and flower bed.

Governance; To meet our statutory obligation we reviewed procedures; To confirm systems of internal control & take action as appropriate and in compliance with the Accounts & Audit Regulations 2015, to further approve the completion of Section 1 of the Annual Return – “Annual Governance Statement 2020/21” for Cockfield Parish Council. From this to approve Section 2 of the Annual Return – “Accounting Statements 2020/21” for Cockfield Parish Council.

Suffolk County Council School Bus Service; Cllrs noted Cllr Lindsay’s contact with the new SCC Portfolio holder and correspondence shared on the matter. Whilst there is more clarity on the demarcation and overall school catchment vs transport strategy, the situation remains with greater impact on Cockfield than first thought. The Chairman will further correspond with SCC using this information and earlier research.

Neighbourhood CIL (Bus Shelter at Mackenzie Place); Cllr Morley indicated that he was in dialogue with Orwell Housing and the Contractor SEH French on how they could assist in this project.

 Village Minibus; The was no update on this item.

Parking at Great Green; Cllrs had met with the Rpii Playground Safety Inspector to review safety measures around the play equipment and increased vehicle activity. The Parish Council Risk Schedule shows risk and mitigation. The inspector saw no inherent safety issues although he has suggested additional practicable measures that could be put in place. Cllrs are looking at these items and how they could be implemented.

 Pavilion Update; The Contractor was progressing remediation works and is broadly on schedule. When this work is completed Cllr Golding will progress the kitchen floor and upgrades.

The Clerk noted he was still awaiting two further quotations for maintenance works to the railings.

Parish Councillor Vacancy:

The Chairman would include in his summary Green Links report details of the vacancy to be filled. Along side provision on the web site.

Maintenance Schedule and Asset Management;

Cllr Levit had circulated the Asset Register in advance. Cllrs noted there are some residual actions on asset inspections to close out.

Earls Meadow; The contractor was progressing the bridge remediation works.

 Third Party Liaison;

Highways and Emergencies – Issues surrounding overgrown hedges and vegetation encroaching on the footways continues to be a massive problem. SSC Highways have no transparency on if / when action is going to be taken given how behind they are on the annual cutting programme. Cllr Lindsey would be asked to leverage the matters and escalate to the new portfolio holder, Paul West, to secure some urgent commitment for the A1141 and Perrydown Lane.

Police/Fire - Cllr Cutting-Keyton was chasing the crime reduction officer report.

Correspondence; Information concerning the Queens Platinum Jubilee in 2022 had been received. Cllrs will consider any events to mark this occasion in due course.

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