Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Watch Your Speed!

These days every one is in a hurry:

  • Must get to work
  • Must get to School
  • Must get to the shops
  • Must get Home
  • Must get this delivery done

These are all excuses that we have heard when we have stopped drivers for speeding and to be honest they are not acceptable.

Take a look at the statistics below and see how much difference there is between stopping at 30mph and 40mph it is chilling to think that it takes an extra 60ft to stop if you are doing 40mph and that’s if the conditions are good.

People need to take more time and think about their driving is it worth speeding and possibly killing somebody?

Is it worth speeding and getting caught a and then having  a £100 fine and three points on your Licence? This will make your insurance more expensive.

Your journey will take longer if you are caught speeding so Plan your journey!!!!

Speeding DistancesJ Fudge
PCSO 3226
Babergh West SNT

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