Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Village Recorder Report to the Annual Parish Meeting, May 2019

The Village Recorder, as the name suggests, keeps a note of events and changes from year to year in their village.

The most comprehensive record of month by month activity in Cockfield is printed in Green Links, our village magazine.  I have kept my copies since 2003 but if anyone has any earlier editions they are willing to part with, I would be glad to see them and discuss whether they could be archived at the Records Office.

The cinema has now been running for over a year and I would be glad of flyers for the films that have been shown since it started.

As I don’t take a local newspaper, if anyone who subscribes to the East Anglian Daily Times or the Bury Free Press regularly could look out for cuttings of anything to do with Cockfield I would be grateful.  Please include the date on the cutting and I would be happy to collect them.

Apart from all the regular events in the village from which I keep tickets if I have attended, the other changes to note this year are the number of new houses which have been built in the parish.  I intend keeping a photographic record of these as they are completed.  When the Mackenzie Place development gets underway I will be recording the progress.

If anyone has any Cockfield related archive, I would be glad to look at it and advise on how it can be kept safe for future generations and historians.

Brenda Dyer
Cockfield Village Recorder

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