Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Community Council Chairman’s Report to the Annual Parish Meeting, May 2019

Another year of people working well with one another for the well being of this community.

New faces have joined the board of trustees and others have stood down from their trusteeship. Here I must pay tribute to Mr Paul Brinkley who, after about fifty years of wiling service, has left the Community Council due to ill health. We held a private family get together down at Earl’s Meadow where we planted a tree in his honour; we thank him and wish him well.

Having mentioned Earl’s Meadow and Bruff’s Line I thank the team of volunteers who work so hard there to create such a beautiful place to be.

Last year I reported that we were working to upgrade the sound system at the Village Hall for the Cockfield Community Cinema. This has happened and I thank County Councillor Robert Lindsey and the Parish Council  for their financial input. Thanks go to Julie and her team who always seem to get it right on the night.

The Village Show once again went very well this year, reasonable weather and good to see people from all walks of life attending, old friends and new. Thanks to Barbara and Caroline Ruffell for allowing the use of their delightful grounds.

Time and tides change and so, on as sad note, it was felt by the trustees that this event has grown a little tired and staid and that we will rest it this year. This will give us a year to look at what we can put on for a fresher feel for 2020.

The Produce Show will go ahead in September in the Village Hall.

In November we held an ABBA Tribute night and dance, it was totally sold out and amazing to see so many people come together to dance and shake the years off their shoulders, well done to all who organised that success story.

At the time of writing The Art Show is taking place and is proving to be a great success. Well done to Jane and her team!

I could go on and on reporting things that the Community Council works on with the village but I’m going to go off the beaten track a little and mention a few important things that this community does for itself, not unique to this village perhaps but crucially important.

Such as supporting other residents and generally being caring and concerned in a non- intrusive way.

This winter we had a few cold mornings and sharp frosts and a concerned resident noticed that on once such morning the milk was on the doorstep and the curtains closed at the residence of a lady who lives alone and is, as we say in Suffolk “Knocking on a bit”.

Concerned he made a few phone calls to check if the lady was away and , hearing that she was not, called at the house, where all was well, the curtains closed to keep the cold out and the milk frozen to the doorstep; luckily the worst that had happened was a day of drinking black coffee! Needless to say the good Samaritan  soon had the milk bottles off the doorstep and into the kitchen to thaw.

Another resident tends to one of the greens, giving his time and labour (and the wear and tear on his mower) freely, only accepting £10 for the petrol, a small price to pay for pride in the village.

Then there’s the young mum walking to school with her children always a delight to hear their laughter and to feel how fortunate children are to grow up in a village such as this, countryside all around, safe places to play, an excellent local school and the magic of the village shop for an after school treat from time to time.

All of these things, the caring, the sense of community, the presence of all ages from babes in arms to those in their ninth decade on this Earth, add up to village life, to the community which the Community Council serves.

Take pride in what is around you, look out for others and do your bit to help and support this wonderful place.

Cockfield Community  Cares.









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