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Update on MacKenzie Place Housing Development – June 2020

If you’ve been passed the site recently you will see that work is progressing well following the reopening last month.  The timber frame is beginning to be erected which is when you can really start to see the homes taking shape. 

As the pandemic situation continues to improve, and they are getting used to working in a new way, SEH have been able to reassess the construction programme and now expect the homes to be ready in the early Spring next year.  Hopefully we don’t see any further site closures or problems with obtaining building materials that will impact on this timetable further, but we will advise you of any changes to the completion date in these updates.

Preparations are being progressed towards commencing the construction of the three additional bungalows on behalf of Babergh District Council on land that they own adjacent to the site and accessed by the same access road as the Orwell site.  We are currently agreeing costs with SEH and the District Council and hope to be starting work on these bungalows later in the summer.

Are you interested in buying or renting one of the new homes?  Please contact us for more information and to register your interest.  Despite having to cancel the village information event we have seen a good number of enquiries so please don’t miss out and get in touch.  We are also able to provide contact details of who to speak to if you’re interested in one of the self-build properties.    

For more information and to register an interest, please contact our sales team at or on 07749 417399.

Thank you and keep safe

Dawn Edwards

Development Manager
Orwell Housing Association

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