Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

United Charities of Cockfield

As the country starts to come out of the Coronavirus lockdown, the full extent of the quarantine measures that we have had to follow is becoming known. Whilst many people and businesses have been supported to varying extents by Government initiatives including furlough payments, many companies are having to reassess their employee needs due to lower turnovers resulting in people being made unemployed or having to accept shorter hours or lower incomes.

Whilst there are rules that the trustees of The United Charities of Cockfield must follow, and although we have limited resources, the Charities are able to assist those in need who live in Cockfield who are unemployed. We can also help with some aspects of education as well as providing grants for some medical matters, food, clothing, fuel and other areas.

We have been able to help some residents during this period. However, it is probable that there are others in the village who would qualify for some support but who, for various reasons, are unaware of this source of assistance. If anybody reading this article is aware of a villager in need, or is in need themselves, would they please email Each request will be treated in strict confidence and dealt with on its merits in accordance with the deeds of The Charities.

Tony Box
Chairman, United Charities of Cockfield

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