Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Suffolk Mobile Library

Suffolk Mobile Library




Suffolk Libraries Mobile Route 7

Cockfield Post Office from 10.45-11.05am
Great Green from 11.10-11.30am.
Next visit Friday 22nd February

Suffolk Libraries Mobile Route 5

Calls at Windsor Green. route is now changing to a Wednesday morning from 10.10 to 10.30 (previously Tuesday afternoons).

The next visit is on 20th February. The library stops outside No 5 Windsor Green (near the telephone box).  The new schedule incorporates a completely changed route as well as a change of day and time, so we will probably need to allow some lee-way on time until the driver settles into the new routine.

Are there more people who would like to use this service?

Some people are put off by the limited stock held on the van, but books can be requested from the driver or on-line at no cost.  As long as they are ordered a week or so ahead, they can then be picked up at the next visit.

Why not pop along and have a look?

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