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Playzone 16 – Updating the Great Green Play Area

Playzone 16

When you visit other villages and see their modern play equipment you could be forgiven for asking whether or not we in Cockfield should be doing something to update our aging play equipment on Great Green.

This thought has also occurred to Cockfield Parish Council and Cockfield Community Council who have agreed to set up a joint committee to investigate what can be done.

A joint approach is considered the most appropriate as it enables the owners of the site (Parish Council) to work with the most effective fund raisers in the village (Community Council) and arrive at the best solution. Additionally, working jointly will provide better access to grant funding as some funding is available only to statutory bodies (Parish Council) whilst other is available only to local charitable organisations (Community Council).

We intend to consult widely within the community and the surrounding area to establish need and obtain a broad concensus.

Common usage play equipment is not cheap so to progress the project we will need to rely heavily on donations, fundraising and grant funding. The Community Council received a legacy of £5,000 in 2012 which, although not formally agreed, the Trustees have indicated a preference for spending to update play equipment which we believe most reflects the wishes of the donor.

Any village fundraising event which is intended to support this project will be clearly advertised as such and the funds so raised will be held, along with the legacy mentioned above, in the Community Council’s Business Reserve Account and clearly identified in our accounts as replacement play equipment funding.

Finally, as the investigatory work and fundraising will take place during 2015, with installation not expected before 2016, the project has been given the title ‘PLAYZONE 16’.


Cockfield Parish Council
Cockfield Community Council



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