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Parish Council Meeting Report, September 2019

Public Participation Session:  Suffolk County Cllr Lindsay’s report was circulated prior to the meeting. Cllr Lindsay highlighted two key items in the report and offered to pay £500 from his Locality Budget, towards the Parish Council’s recent purchase of a speed monitoring device.

Cllr Lindsay confirmed he would pursue SCC Highways over damage to the verge opposite Clovelly, Howe Lane. District Cllr Maybury advised that she had resigned from the Conservative Party and was now an Independent Cllr.

Parish Clerks Report: The Parish Clerk’s report was noted. The Clerk thanked Mr David Hodge for providing the metal supports to the Pavilion balustrade, free of charge.

Cllr Williams updated Cllrs about the 1600m incident activation radius restriction when accessing the defibrillator. Cllr Williams is pursuing further advice on ensuring greater coverage.

Village Website Running Costs: It was agreed that the Parish Council make a contribution of £250.00 towards the 2019/20 Village Website Running Costs with an ongoing commitment to pay 50% of future costs.

Land Acquisition Update: The Clerk advised that he had now received the Transfer Documentation, Draft Contract and Completion Account from Ashtons Legal, relating to the purchase of the SCC Meadow and ex-railway track.  As previously requested by Cllrs, the Clerk will submit a Report and Recommendation for Cllrs to review prior to and agree at the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 31/10/19.

It was agreed that the Chairman Cllr Southgate and Cllr Morley be authorised to act as the Parish Council’s signatories to the contract.

“Bandstand” Litter Management: It was agreed that a modification be made to fit a sloping base to the underside of the seats to prevent litter accumulating.

Weed Management Regime at the Children’s Playground, Great Green: It was noted that the Parish Council are undertaking a feasibility study of the cost of replacing some of the play equipment and/or the wood chip safety flooring with an alternative material.  In the interim, to control the weeds, it was proposed that the Parish Council commission a licensed contractor to apply a weed killer application next Spring and then top up the wood chip flooring.

Planning Applications Received: It was noted that the following applications had been referred to the Parish Council:

DC/19/04346: Application For Planning Permission Without Compliance of Condition(s): Application under Section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act – Variation of Condition 7 of planning permission DC/17/05332 Planning Application – Hybrid planning application for Erection of 42 no. dwellings (Full Planning Application); Erection of 9 no. self-build plots (Outline Planning Application), including access road, shared surface roads, community open space and footpath connections to existing community meadow – To enable main development to be constructed in four separate phases: Land To The North West Of, Mackenzie Place, Cockfield, SuffolkThe Parish Council supports the Application. (The Parish Council’s full consultation submission can be seen on the BMSDC Planning Portal)

DC/19/03460: Householder Planning Application – Erection of single storey rear extension. The Hay Barn, Earls Hall Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0JD. Planning Permission Refused.

DC/19/04132: Discharge of Conditions Application for DC/19/00296 – Condition 3 (Landscaping Scheme). Little Close, Old Hall Lane, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0LQ. Approved Condition(s): Action Required Prior to First Use/Occupation: Landscaping Scheme.

DC/19/02020: Submission of Details under Outline Planning Permission DC/18/00306 – Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale for the erection of 10no dwellings. Land To The West Of The Plough And Fleece Inn, Great Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0HJ. Reserved Matters Have Been Approved.

Greens Management: It was agreed that the decayed timber supports to the Parish Council Notice Board sited at the Great Green be replaced. Cllr Southgate will liaise with Cllr Brinkley to progress this repair with Contractor KR Griffiths. The Clerk will draft a letter to residents about parking on Cross Green.

Local Needs Housing: Cllr Morley advised that the MacKenzie Place development phasing proposed by Orwell Housing was to minimise the impact of early CIL payments on the project cashflow.

Pavilion: Cllr Southgate will contact BMSDC Licensing to ascertain the status of the Football Club’s Alcohol license application. Cllr Southgate will convene a Pavilion Working Group meeting (before the next Ordinary Parish Council Meeting) at the Pavilion with Cllr Turner, Cllr Williams and a representative of the Football Club to discuss outstanding issues including repairs/alterations needed to the thermostats, access arrangements (keys etc), and alcohol licensing arrangements together with management controls at the Pavilion. Subject to the outcome of the meeting, a Football Club representative will be invited to attend the next Ordinary Parish Council meeting on 31/10/19. It was agreed that 20L of Barn Paint be purchased from Kent Blaxill to enable Football Club volunteers to paint the large shed at the Pavilion. 

Earl’s Meadow: Cllr Williams thanked the many volunteers for all their hard work in maintaining Earls Meadow and Bruffs Line in such a fine condition and confirmed that Cllr Morley had purchased 500 Daffodil bulbs, a prunus tree and compost for the meadow.

Cemetery: The Clerk advised that he had provided details to the Valuation Office Agency to facilitate the Non-Domestic Rates Revaluation of Cemeteries planned for 2021 and that it would be prudent to make provision on the 2021 precept for increased rates.

Parish Paths: It was noted that hedges overhanging footpaths at the War Memorial and Chapel Road had been trimmed by SCC Highways.

Highways and Emergencies: Cllr Cutting-Keyton advised that SCC Highways website contained details of all potholes on the lane leading to Smithwood Green and these would be repaired within “8 weeks”.

Play Equipment: Cllr Southgate confirmed that he had received the 2019 Annual RoSPA Safety Inspection of the Children’s Play Equipment, Great Green. This highlighted some minor work necessary to maintain the equipment in a safe condition.

Neighbourhood CIL: Cllr Morley advised that he had received three costed proposals for some replacement playground equipment. The CIL Working Group will assess the feasibility of each proposal before making a recommendation.

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