Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Parish Council Meeting Report, June 2018

The Council considered actions to review the Asset register and conduct the annual condition survey for council owned and administered items.

The General data protection audit remains on going to ensure historic and archived information is correctly captured.

County Councillor Robert Lindsay noted the school bus strategy continued to be unresolved following a move to have a review by the scrutiny committee.

He also confirmed SCC have a new portfolio holder for highways and was enthused that a major review was to be undertaken on roads maintenance.

The Parish also thanked Councillor Lindsay for his locality funding contribution of £1000 to the village hall new sound system.

Following recent presentations by Babergh representatives the council felt it unnecessary, at this time, to pursue any Assets of Community Value or Community Land Trust initiatives.

It was noted that the Babergh move to transfer small pockets of land, namely those in Dukes Meadow, to Parish ownership had not moved forward in the month.

Investigations into a defibrillator device had progressed and members have now agreed that a machine is to be acquired through a provider in Haverhill. This includes on-going support and testing costs. The unit will be housed in the old “red” telephone box outside the post office. The box will be painted and upgraded as part of this project. In addition, sufficient paint will be provided to allow the telephone box at Mackenzie Place to be renovated.

The Clerk has been asked to contact BT to have the redundant 1980’s phone boxes of no historic interest, at Great Green and Windsor Green, to be removed as these continue to deteriorate.

The litter picking apparatus has now all been located and is with Janne Cutting-Keyton in readiness for the next event.

Improvements to erosion at Cross Green had not progressed as input is awaited from Highways and contractors.

The village recorder was not able to attend, however further discussions would be held on activities to ensure that village events were being covered for future generations.

The Council had received a quotation from Highways for an additional playground warning sign to be placed at Great Green. Councillor Lindsay was challenged as this was substantive and not consistent with others provided elsewhere. Cllr Lindsay agreed to investigate and further offered some contribution on completion of his enquiries.

The Council noted requests from the Constabulary to have Parish Funded PCSO’s, however this was in fact a monumental cost and would seriously burden any Parish Council. The Council believed any funding should be from the wider populous and if necessary by an increased element of the council tax.

In other matters Cllr Turner raised the urgent need to have the Abbey footpath cleared as this was hindering usage.

The play area bark covering on Great Green is to be cleared following treatment to the wooded equipment.

There have been positive reports on the deployment of the speed awareness device across the village, with many residents commenting on it effectiveness. The council were already minded of this and did budget for a further unit to be purchased to spread coverage. This will be discussed in detail at the next meeting.








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