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Parish Council May Meeting Report

The Parish Council met on Thursday 26th May 2016.

This was the Annual Parish Council meeting where officers of the council are elected for the following year.

Councillor Southgate was re-elected Chairman with Carl Brinkley as his deputy.

The other officers were re-elected to their current posts, which are published on the village website, with the following amendments

  • Councillor Morley was elected Chairman/Lead Member of the Planning Consultation Group
  • Councillors Williams and Brinkley will serve with Councillor Southgate on the Pavilion Management Committee
  • Councillors Southgate and Williams will establish a play equipment working group, in conjunction with the Community Council, to oversee and maintain the equipment on Great Green

Great Green has now been sprayed and further works will be carried out in the near future.

  • The storage shed behind the pavilion will be painted with the assistance of the Community Council and Football Club
  • Quotations will be solicited for repainting the bus shelter
  • Work will be carried out to remove weeds from the play area, renew the wood chip surfacing, paint the play equipment and carry out essential maintenance
  • Review maintenance work required in the laybys
  • Renew the mole drainage under the Green

Work on the refurbishment of the pavilion is almost complete and our contractor has committed to finish painting  before the celebrations of Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday celebrations on 12th June.

Following a meeting between the Parish Council and Suffolk County Council Highways Dept. a plan has now been received for the improvement of passenger safety at the Mill Corner southbound bus stop. The Parish Council agreed that the plan should be implemented and the County was advised accordingly.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 30th June at 7.30 pm

The Parish Council may be contacted through the Clerk, Doug Reed, on 01359 241009 or by e-mail at

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