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Community Council Chairman’s Annual Report May 2016

A year has passed since the last AGM. It hardly seems possible but they do roll by.

It has been a busy purposeful year. We have tried to vary our events to cater for different tastes and age groups; we have some new faces on the tea and thy have brought new ideas which, hopefully, we can take forward this year.

I could run through the list of events but I shall talk of just a few.

We held an old and interesting evening to which people brought their treasures and we had the pleasure of hearing a very well versed antiques expert taking time to talk about each and every item.

We held a delightful children’s party in March, free to all Cockfield children. The noise was terrific.

Over last May Bank Holiday we held a three day art show which was very well attended and brought a lot of people from far and wide into the village. We are holding another this bank holiday so would like to see you people there.

The second Cockfield Show was a great success- a pleasure to se so many people relaxing and mingling in the delightful gardens of Clipt Bushes. Many thanks to Barbara and Caroline Ruffell for the use of their grounds. We are holding he show again this September so hope to see you there.

Earl’s Meadow and Bruff’s Line look stunning this year in the spring sunshine.  Everybody who walks through and enjoys its peaceful, calming atmosphere should truly appreciate the hours of voluntary work that people do there. It is a pleasure to see the whole project shine and knit together.

The Community Council does try to to accommodate differing viewpoints. The Queen’s Birthday might not have been a big priority for some people but for those to whom it matters the Community and Parish Councils made an effort to light the beacon, hold a gathering and propose a toast to the lady.

On Sunday 12th June the CC along with the WI, Churches and other organisations will be holding an old fashioned street party for The Queen’s Birthday on Great Green.

So another busy, entertaining year and, no doubt, another to follow. None of the events and activities could happen or run so smoothly without the support of the “behind the scenes” people who lend things, move things, bake and make and mend things and fetch and carry and serve and organise.

People like our computer whizz in his high tech world, those who look after greens, clear footpaths and undertake so many, many tasks, often unpaid, just to keep the village comfortable. These people don’t want an M.B.E or Blue Peter Badge, just a thought and a thank you.

So Thank You! to everybody in every village organisation, to those who helped and supported the village so brilliantly throughout 2015-16.

I’ll leave you with a thought.

Stand today, look to yesterday and learn for tomorrow


R Williams
CC Chairman




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