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Parish Council April Meeting Report

The Parish Council met on Thursday 31st March 2016.

Our County Councillor, Jenny Antill  gave a brief report on the topic of devolution of government powers to Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and the creation of an elected Mayor for this area. Discussions are at a very early stage and there is currently no agreed position as to how this should move forward. She then touched upon the subject of the recent government announcement regarding the academisation of schools which is being analysed and reviewed by the County. On a more local note, she added that she has made funding available towards an alarm to prevent or deter lead theft from the church roof.

The Clerk reported that following a concern expressed by a resident on the issue of speeding in the 40 mph limit area between Mackenzie Place and the Horseshoes Inn, which was raised at the last meeting, he has referred the matter to Suffolk Police. There has as yet been no response but further calls from residents have emphasised the seriousness of the concerns over this matter.

It was agreed that the annual Parish Meeting should take place on Thursday 12th May at 7.30 pm.

The village will celebrate HM The Queen’s 90th birthday on Sunday 12th June. A steering committee has been set up comprising the Parish Council, Community Council, St Peter’s Church and the Congregational Church who will oversee a street party on Great Green. Residents will be invited to bring their own food/drink/picnics to enjoy an afternoon of celebration – details will be sent out to every household in the village.

With the majority of work on the Pavilion now completed the Parish Council resolved to put maintenance contracts in place for the new sewage plant and heating system. Councillor Williams agreed to take responsibility for the collection of usage data as required by Sport England as part of the funding agreement. We have also engaged a cleaner for the pavilion.

Having carried out maintenance work to the main drain on Great Green, the Council decided to accept a tender to renew the mole drains – this action being considered necessary to overcome the issue of standing water on the Green. It was also agreed to carry out broadleaf weed killer spraying.

Work has been carried out by the volunteers to clear various overgrown areas in Earl’s Meadow. As well as thanking the volunteers for their efforts, Councillor Williams emphasised that any areas cleared in this way will be replanted appropriately as concerns have been expressed.

A new bus shelter has been installed on the Lavenham-bound side of Mill Corner. Mr Hodge was thanked for providing the land and the shelter which, together with further modifications to be carried out by the County Council, will improve the area for bus passengers.

A final reminder that the Election for the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner will take place on Thursday 5th May between 7 am and 10 pm. Polling at the Village Hall as usual.

The next Parish Council meetings will take place on Thursday 28th April 2016 and Thursday 26th May 2016 at 7.30 pm, with the Annual Parish Meeting, as noted above on Thursday 12th May.

The Parish Council may be contacted through the Clerk, Doug Reed, on 01359 241009 or by e-mail at

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