Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

A Memorable Glider Flight

On the 20th July Veterans and families of the US 447th Bomb Group made a bi-annual visit to their old wartime base of Rattlesden Airfield.

They were hosted by Rattlesden Gliding Club, who, flying from the same airfield, deeply appreciates the sacrifice made by more than half of the aircrew who flew daylight bombing raids deep into Germany in B17s.

Several of the veterans and their relatives enjoyed glider flights.

Who should be invited to join the American veterans but Cockfield’s very own Lancaster veteran, Norman Gregory. Norman also had a glider flight and he is pictured alongside the glider, together with Chris Pollard, the RGC instructor who took him up. Chris said that it was a very emotional experience, and a huge privilege for him to fly with Norman, as his own father was a Navigator on Lancaster bombers during the war.

Glider Flight










On a different subject Norman tells me that he, and quite a few other Bomber Command veterans, are being denied the Bomber Command Clasp. This was extremely belatedly but proudly announced by the Government as the Bomber Command medal. It now appears that officials in the Ministry of Defence say that he does not qualify! The reason is that he was shot down and spent the remainder of his service as a POW! I have written to our MP Tim Yeo, and had a reply saying that he is taking it up with the Minister. If you are as affronted as I am by this slight then perhaps you would like to do a bit of research on the subject and write to Tim.

Pete Harrison

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