Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Meeting Report, Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting, 31st October 2019

The members noted a number of items carried from the last meeting and their progress;

Condition of the road in Howe Lane; the Clerk was asked to review the extent of the repairs carried out by SCC Highways and issue a report to SC Cllr Lindsay as the repairs are less than satisfactory.

Cllr Brinkley to discuss the scope of the potential modification required to the underside of the seats in the Bandstand (to prevent the accumulation of litter) with a local contractor.

The bench on Parsonage Green has been refurbished. Action Complete.

Cllr Turner has installed a trial LED light and will await feedback from the Football Club, prior to any further installation.  Cllr Turner also advised that he had repaired the door in the Away changing room, so that it can be closed. Action Complete.

Clerk to advise Insurance Company of Pavilion change of use, regarding Alcohol Licence. Clerk is still awaiting details of Licence from BMSDC Licensing.

Cllr Brinkley’s Electrical Contractor has re-wired the Pavilion thermostats and the problem with them tripping out appears to have been rectified. Action Closed.

Cockfield Adventure Playground CIL123 Bid submitted. Action Closed.

Cllr Brinkley to obtain a quotation to refurbish the Parish Council’s noticeboards.

Public Participation Session
Suffolk County Cllr Lindsay highlighted key items from his report (circulated prior to the meeting). Cllr Levett raised questions over the reducing numbers of health visitors, the lack of replacements and the failure to train new Health visitors. Suffolk County Cllr Lindsay asked Cllr Levett to provide further details.  District Cllr Maybury offered to ask questions at the BMSDC Health Committee.

District Cllr Arthey reported that the refurbishment of the recycling plant at Blakenham is now complete and that the facility will now be able to recycle a wider range of materials.  80% of all recycling materials come from Suffolk with approximately 20% from Essex. District Cllr Arthey commended Cockfield’s Adventure Playground CIL123 Bid and said that there had only been another 3-4 bids submitted, including one from Lavenham PC for a new car park on the old Gas Works site. The 1,300 responses received on the JLP by BMSDC, are being collated and the Steering Group will commence their review in November. District Cllr Arthey confirmed that he was pursuing complaints on behalf of residents in Crowbrook on vehicle access.

A member of the public raised concerns over the cost of BMSDC letters to all households and suggested cheaper methods of notification. District Cllr Arthey advised of changes to the Recycling Hub at Bury St Edmunds and its move from Rougham Hill to Fornham Road.

Financial Regulations: It was agreed that elements of the Parish Council’s Financial Regulations were outdated and needed to be amended to cover emergency response and ordinary authority levels, together with the process for securing quotations for works etc.

Parish Council Acquisition of SCC Land:

The Clerk issued his Summary Report to Cllrs on the Purchase of the land (comprising SCC Meadow and Ex-Railway Track) prior to the meeting. Copies of the Transfer Documentation, Draft Contract and Completion Account from Ashtons Legal, Surveyor’s and Structural Engineers Reports, relating to the purchase were made available for review. 

Chairman Cllr Southgate and Cllr Morley signed the necessary transfer and contract documentation.

Maintenance of Assets: It was agreed that the Asset Register be amended to incorporate Maintenance requirements for all assets (scope and frequency of maintenance).  Cllr Levett suggested that this would help with the PC’s budget preparation and offered to update the Asset Register. Cllr Levett will contact Working Group members and Portfolio holders to better understand current maintenance arrangements.

Water Regulations Inspection at Pavilion: Cllr Brinkley confirmed the source and route of the water supply pipework to the Pavilion and ex-Cricket pitch on the Great Green.  Cllr Southgate will advise Anglian Water, so they can close the Improvement Notice served on the PC.

Mackenzie Place Development: The Parish Council considered a number of alternative names for a Close, a Road and the Housing Development, but no consensus was reached. Cllr Morley to share the list and liaise with Orwell Housing.

Planning Applications Received: It was noted that the following applications had been referred to the Parish Council:

DC/19/03063: Planning Application. Demolition of existing building. Erection of 9no dwellings and creation of a new vehicular access. The Garage, Great Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0HJ. The Parish Council supports this application with minor reservations. (The Parish Council’s full consultation submission can be seen on the BMSDC Planning Portal)

DC/19/04800: Application for Consent to carry out works to Tree(s) protected by a Tree Preservation Order: Notification of works to trees within a Conservation Area – T1 – (Willow Tree) – Pollard. Willow Cottage, Cross Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0LG, The Parish Council have no objection to the Application.  (The Parish Council’s full consultation submission can be seen on the BMSDC Planning Portal)

DC/19/03826: Full Planning Application – Change of use from all residential (C3) to mixed use part residential and business of boarding dogs (sui generis). Gambrel, Chapel Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0HE. The Parish Council deferred this Application until the 14/11/19.  

DC/19/04945: Householder Planning Application – Erection of a single storey extension (Resubmission of DC/19/03460). The Hay Barn, Earls Hall Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0JD.  The Parish Council supports this Application.  (The Parish Council’s full consultation submission can be seen on the BMSDC Planning Portal)

Decisions Received:

DC/19/03902: Discharge of Conditions Application for DC/18/00306 – Condition 4 (Archaeological Works), Condition 6 (Landscape Protection) and Condition 9 (Lighting Design Scheme). Land to The West Of The Plough And Fleece Inn, Great Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, IP30 0HJ. Approved Conditions: 4: Action required prior to the commencement of Development Archaeological Works; 6: Action required prior to the commencement of Development Landscape Protection; 9: Prior Occupation Ecology – Lighting Design Scheme.

DC/19/04653: Discharge of Condition application for DC/18/01406 – Condition 6 – Archaeological Works, Condition 8 – Biodiversity Enhancement Strategy. The Threshing Floor, Great Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0HQ. Approved Condition(s): 6: Action Required Prior to the First Occupation of Development – Archaeological Works.

DC/19/03874: Application for Outline Planning Permission (all matters reserved) – Erection of 1No detached dwelling. 2 Abbey Cottages, Bury Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0LB. Outline Planning Permission has been Refused.

Working Groups:

Local Needs Housing – Cllr Morley advised that the November edition of Green Links contained an Orwell Housing article on progress with the Mackenzie Housing Development focusing on Affordable Rent opportunities.

Pavilion – Cllr Williams confirmed that the large shed at the Pavilion, Great Green has received one coat of Barn Paint and will receive a second over the next 3 weeks (weather permitting).

Earl’s Meadow – It was agreed that the quotations from Stuart Bradnam of £300 + VAT to coppice multi-stem willow tree and £120+ VAT to coppice an agreed section of river bank be accepted. .

Neighbourhood CIL – Cllr Morley advised that the Parish Council had submitted a CIL123 Bid for the new Adventure Playground.  The Parish Council are contributing £20,000 of its Neighbourhood CIL funds, along with £7,206 from Earmarked Reserves/Precept underspend and a £5,000 donation from CCC.

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