Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council

September 23, 2021 @ 19:30 – 22:30
The Village Hall
Church Lane
Cockfield. IP30 0LA
Steve Ball

Members of the Council:

You are hereby summoned to the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council which will be held in the Village Hall on Thursday 23 September 2021 at 7.30pm for the purpose of transacting the business below.

Members of the public:

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and may address the Council, during the Public Participation Session, Item 5 on the agenda.

Reporting on Meetings

Except where members of the public have been excluded due to the confidential nature of the business, any person is normally able to film, photograph, audio record or use social media to report on meetings of the Council, including any public comment and/or questions.


1. To receive any apologies for absence.

2. To receive, from Members, any declarations of interest in items on the agenda in accordance with the Council’s Code of Conduct.

3. To approve the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 19 August 2021.

4. To review progress on all outstanding actions from minutes of previous meetings.

2019/220: Telephone Kiosks
Cllr Turner to provide update on a power supply to a freestanding housing for the defibrillator at the Great Green as an alternative to re-siting the telephone kiosk.

2021/033: Public Participation
The Clerk reported the missing Cockfield sign on the A1141 approach to Stow Hill onto the SCC Website, but is still awaiting a response from SCC.

2021/035.4: Bandstand
Cllr Brinkley to obtain a quotation for cleaning and painting the inside and the outside of the Bandstand, Great Green

2021/036: SCC School Bus Service
Cllr Morley to provide update from the SCC Scrutiny Meeting.

2021/039.2: Pavilion Balustrade
The repair of the Pavilion Balustrade is scheduled to be undertaken week beginning 20/09/21.

2021/039.3: Pavilion Hire
Cllr Golding to advise the Clerk of the letter content and addressee and the Clerk will draft a letter for the Chairman to sign, confirming a long-term commitment from the Parish Council to a hire agreement of the Pavilion by Cockfield United.

2021/041.2.2: Glebe Land
Cllrs Webster Morley to obtain quotations for installing new gates and fencing to secure the site (See Agenda Item 8.2).

2021/056: Neighbourhood CIL
Cllr Morley to provide a feasibility update on the proposed new Bus Shelter. (See Agenda item 8.1).

2021/057: Future of the Minibus
Cllrs Southgate, Brinkley and Morley to develop a Minibus Marketing Plan. (See Agenda item 9).

2021/060.3: Cllr Vacancy
(See Agenda Item 10).

2021/061.1: Asset Volunteers
Cllrs to review the Asset Maintenance Register and volunteer as appropriate to take responsibility for assets, which were previously the responsibility of ex-Cllr Williams.

2021/072: Planning – ACV
The Clerk to submit an Application to BMSDC to Register the Plough & Fleece Inn as an Asset of Community Value. (See Agenda Item 15)

2021/078: Queens Platinum Celebrations
Cllr Cutting-Keyton to set up a multi-group Village Working Group. (See Agenda Item 11.1).

2021/082.6: Village Hall Car Park
The Clerk to check hedge cutting dates with our Contractor.(See Agenda Item 7.3).

2021/084.3: Police/Fire
Further discussion required on the actions recommended in the Crime Officer’s
‘Design Out Crime’ Report relating to the Village Hall, Pavilion Shed and Bandstand. (See Agenda Item 14.3).

5. Public Participation Session: (15 minutes).

5.1 Suffolk County Councillor and Babergh District Councillor Reports.
5.2 Public comment.
6. Planning:

6.1 To consider any applications received which have been referred to the Parish Council:

DC/20/05849: TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990 APPEAL UNDER SECTION 78 Appeal Reference: APP/D3505/W/21/3271431 Appeal by: David Hodge Farms Proposal: Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved, access to be considered) – Erection of 2 no. detached dwellings and associated garages (with access).: Land North Of, Howe Lane, Cockfield, Suffolk Appeal Start Date: 18/08/2021. (Consultation Response Deadline 22/09/21).

DC/21/03753: Application for Listed Building Consent – Remove areas of cement and masonry paint from external render, repair with lime plaster and redecorate with limewash. Installation of 2no. cast iron vents and 1no. vented pantile. Internal and external repairs and alterations as detailed in the Schedule of Works and Heritage Statement: The Abbey Cottage, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LY. (Resubmission due to amended plan). (Consultation Response Deadline 20/09/21, extended until 25/09/21)

DC/21/05002: Notification for Works to trees in a Conservation Area – Pollard 1No Ash tree in rear garden by up to 30%. Location: Conifers, Cross Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LG. (Consultation Response deadline 30/09/21).

DC/21/05029: Planning Application – Erection of 1no. Self-Build Dwelling and associated works including; Creation of vehicular access and provision of landscaping: Land Adj. To Gambrel, Chapel Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds. (Consultation Deadline 04/10/21).

DC/21/04445: Householder Application – Erection of an outbuilding: Windsor Green Farmhouse, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LY. (Consultation Deadline 07/10/21).

DC/21/02648: Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved, access to be considered) Town and Country Planning Act 1990 – Severance of garden amenity land and erection of 1No dwelling and garage. 8 Mackenzie Place, Cockfield, Suffolk, IP30 0HY. (Resubmission due to amended drawing). (Consultation Deadline 30/09/21).

6.2 To note any Babergh District Council planning permissions/refusals received:

DC/21/03152: Discharge of Conditions Application for B/17/00379 – Condition 3 (Fenestration) Location: Abbey Farm, Bury Road, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LB. Decision: Discharge of Conditions Refused

DC/21/04120: Planning Application. Erection of agricultural barn. Lane End, Colchester Green, Cockfield, IP30 0HG. Decision: Planning Permission has been Granted

DC/21/04061: Householder Planning Application – Erection of a two-storey side extension following demolition of existing garage Vine Cottage, Chapel Road, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0H. Decision: Planning Permission has been Granted

7. Finance:
7.1 To receive a financial statement and report, including the latest position with the 2021-2022 Council budget
7.2 To authorise Payments as presented and to note Income received.
7.3 To approve quotations for trimming Village Hall Car Park Hedge and for reducing height of hedge in front of Village Hall.
8. Neighbourhood CIL:
8.1 To receive a progress update from Cllr Morley on the Feasibility of the new Bus Shelter at Mackenzie Place.
8.2 To receive an update from Cllrs Webster and Morley on cost estimates to install fencing and gating at the Glebe Land to secure the site.

9. Future of the Village Minibus:
To receive an update and/or proposal on the Marketing Plan from Cllrs Southgate, Brinkley, Morley.

10. Parish Councillor Vacancy:
10.1 To receive a progress update from Cllr Southgate.
10.2 To consider a proposal from Cllr Levett to apply to BMSDC to increase the number of Cllrs from 8 to 9.

11. Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations/Remembrance 2021:
11.1 To receive an update from Cllr Cutting-Keyton on arrangements and costs for the Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.
11.2 To discuss ‘Preparation for Remembrance 2021 Letter’.

12. Maintenance Schedule and Asset Management:
12.1 Maintenance Calendar (Full review, February, June, October only)
To undertake full review of 2021/2 Maintenance Requirements for budget preparation purposes.
12.2 Maintenance Matters by exception:
12.2.1 Greens Management
12.2.2 Glebe Land
12.2.3 Earls Meadow
12.2.4 Cemetery
12.2.5 Playground
12.2.6 Village Hall Car Park
12.2.7 Parish Paths
12.2.8 Other Assets

13. Local Needs Housing:
To consider any matters – Cllr Morley

14. Third Party Liaison:
By Exception, to receive any reports from lead members on matters which need to be brought to the attention of the Council and to take actions appropriate:
14.1 Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC) – Cllr Cutting-Keyton
14.2 Highways and Emergencies – Cllr Cutting-Keyton
14.3 Police/Fire – To consider and adopt any recommendations contained in the Design Out Crime Report – Cllr Cutting-Keyton.

15. Correspondence:
To consider the list of correspondence received and to agree any appropriate actions.
1. BMSDCs email asking PC for evidence to support Plough & Fleece AVC application.
2. BMSDC’s Notice for Civil Parking Enforcement Order

16. Matters to be brought to the attention of the Council either for information or for inclusion on the agenda of a future Ordinary Meeting.

17. Next Meeting:
The next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 28 October 2021 at 7.30pm, in the Village Hall.

Parish Clerk: Steve Ball, Proper Officer of the Council
Address: Green Ridge, Howe Lane, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 0HA
Tel: 01284 828987
Published: 19th September 2021


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