Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Community Council September News

I’ve always thought that, weather wise, the first half of September is often the best part of the year. After all, everyone’s back from their holidays and the kids are back at school…..I’ve been around for a few years and my theory is based upon a certain amount of experience! So I was neither surprised nor disappointed when Sunday 11th dawned fair and the 2016 Cockfield Show was blessed with a brilliant cloudless late summer day. Between two and three hundred people made the journey to Clipt Bushes garden which looked glorious in the sunshine. Along with our produce and handicrafts show and a wide array of stalls, we were entertained by the children of Cockfield School who showed us how to dance around a maypole. Unfortunately not all the spectators were paying attention as, when their turn came, the result can only be described as chaos – still everyone enjoyed themselves and thanks to the School for putting on this display. This was followed by our Zumba Group who made us all feel exhausted through their energetic routines – there was audience participation here too which I won’t even try to describe. The tug of war was great fun and both young and old (and in between) were captivated by the Punch & Judy show. All in all a great afternoon for the village and thanks are due to everyone who organised, loaned facilities and equipment,  helped, performed and attended.

Country & Western evenings

On Saturday 1st October we have Budgie Colman with us and on 5th November Kenny Lee and Hustler are back. Tickets, as always will be £6, on the door, and there will be a licensed bar and barbecue. Doors open at 7.30 pm.

Murder Comes to Cockfield!!!

On Saturday November 19th we’re planning a Murder Mystery Evening. Tickets will be priced at £7.50 (with supper!) and  we’re looking forward to unravelling foul deeds in the Village Hall.

Flix in the Stix

We’ll soon be announcing the start of this new venture, so keep reading Green Links to find out what cinematic delights we will have in store for you.


Our AGM is on November 25th so please come along – remember it is YOUR Community Council and it is at the AGM that our direction for the next year is decided, so it is important that everyone with an opinion about the way we are going or suggestions for future events comes along.

Waste paper collection

The next waste paper collections will be on Sunday 25th September and Sunday 30th October. As usual, collections will start at 9.00 am

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