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Summary Report of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held 19 December 2019

The Council do not ordinarily hold meetings in December, however in order to meet a planning consultation deadline the meeting was convened to mainly action this business.

Outstanding Actions from previous meetings

Cllr Lindsay was not in attendance to provide and update on the state of the repairs to the verge opposite Clovelly, Howe Lane with SCC Highways.

Cllr Brinkley confirmed that the contractor had visited the bandstand on the Great Green. Rather than undertake modifications to the seating to mitigate the litter accumulation, which is impracticable with the construction and octagonal shape, we will look at blowing the litter out for collection.

Cllr Brinkley confirmed that the contractor suggested the notice boards were in better order than initially thought, therefore potentially only needed a coat of varnish.  However Cllr Levett advised that the notice board at Great Green required a replacement support leg and this is to be investigated further.

District Cllr Maybury was not in attendance to provide an update on Cllr Levett’s concerns over staffing numbers and lack of training for Health visitors with the Health Committee.

Cllr Brinkley has provided Cllr Levett with legacy information to complete the Asset Register to incorporate an Asset Maintenance Regime. 

Cllr Webster to complete investigations in sourcing alternative Recycling Contractor to collect the village’s Waste Paper & Cardboard. This is because we have been alerted that market conditions for recyclable paper and cardboard has fallen and our arrangement with Bolton Recycling is not sustainable and could actually cost us money to continue.

Planning consultation: DC/19/04755: Outline Planning Application (Access to be considered all other matters reserved) – Erection of up to 34 no. dwellings (Plots 5, 6 and 7 of Reserved Matters Permission DC/19/02020 to be repositioned/amended). Land to the rear of The Plough (Consultation Submission Deadline extended until 20/12/19).

There was extensive discussion on the proposals and members of the public were able to address the councillors. The developer and his agent were also in attendance and were willing to offer responses to queries and provide further information on their position.

BMSDC Councillor Clive Arthey gave clarity on the process and procedure surrounding the outline only application together with guidance on relevant planning policy.

Ultimately the Parish Council neither supported nor objected to this Application, however were minded that it may be given approval by BMSDC in any event. To ensure a more satisfactory outcome, the councillors indicated they would be prepared to consider support for a scheme on the basis a number of amendments could be made to the proposal. The Parish Council’s full consultation submission can be seen on the BMSDC Planning Portal.

Planning Decisions Received:

DC/19/04576: Full Planning Application – Erection of 1No. 1 Bed Bungalow and 2No. 2 Bed Bungalows with parking. Adjacent to, Mackenzie Place, Cockfield, Suffolk. Planning Permission Has Been Granted.

DC/19/05131: Householder Planning Application – Erection of first floor rear extension with balcony. Erection of single storey side and rear extensions to garage. Clovelly, Howe Lane, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0HA. Planning Permission Has Been Granted.

Pavilion Update: It was decided that the Parish Council should agree the Insurance valuation for the Pavilion.  It was also agreed to instruct the Loss Adjusters to proceed with the remedial works and to understand the minimum timescale for monitoring and commencement of redecoration. The proposal was carried.

Assets of Community Value: It was agreed that the Parish Council investigate the procedure to list assets of community value.

Given the substantive time afforded to the planning discussion, the following items were regrettably deferred to the next meeting;                                                                                                          

“Trees for Life”;  Waste Paper and Cardboard Collections; Defibrillators

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