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Quiet Lanes Proposal for Cockfield

The following information concerns our participation in the Quiet Lanes Suffolk initiative and seeks support from the community. Please contact the Parish Clerk should you require any further information or have any questions.

The Parish Council has decided to take part in the Quiet Lanes Suffolk initiative and has completed the expression of interest in the roll out programme.

A pilot scheme was trialled in east Suffolk during 2014 and has proved to be successful. New uptake is good with 40% of all Suffolk Parishes having a least one route included. Of course, not all Parishes have the ability meet the required criteria.

Quiet Lanes are minor rural roads, typically C or unclassified routes, which have been designated by local highway authorities to pay special attention to the needs of walkers, cyclists, horse riders and other vulnerable road users, and to offer protection from speeding traffic. Cars are not banned from Quiet Lanes and the use of Quiet Lanes is shared. Measures such as lower speed limits and discrete road signs aim to encourage drivers to slow down and be considerate to more vulnerable users who can in turn use and enjoy country lanes in greater safety, with less threat from speeding traffic.

Quiet Lane SignThe criteria do not allow for unilateral designation of all single-track roads and those proposed have to be validated by the highways authority as being suitable and within the parameters of the scheme.

The Parish Council is supportive of the “Safer Routes to Schools” programme, people taking local exercise and providing highway connectivity to public footpaths and pavements.

On this basis the Parish Council has indicated that we believe two routes could be successfully validated, given their usage and association and wider off-road links. We are currently working with the Suffolk Quiet Lanes group who liaise with SCC to pursue these.

  • Perrydown Lane to Buttons Green which is essentially the Parish boundary in practical terms.
  • The A1141 junction through Earls Hall to Perrydown Lane.

Quiet Lane Map

These routes pick up both ends of the Bruff’s Line, other footpath routes and therefore to Jeffreys Green / Mackenzie Place.

The county rollout is staged in three segments during 2021 relative to the legal designation / validation process. The route signage requirements also have to be validated by Highways and this is where we are, having offered the Lanes. Unfortunately, central funding from county is limited and divided across all the county’s lanes. Therefore, the Parish Council is having to make some financial contribution, although at this time this is not clear until we hear back.

With the process on going the Parish Council is hoping to formally acknowledge the final details and any expenditure at the February Parish Council meeting. This is a requirement of the scheme.

Please contact the Parish Clerk should you require any further information or have any questions. We very much hope you support our proposals.


Derek Southgate
Chairman Parish Council / Quiet Lanes Coordinator


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