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Power Cuts – Tips for Being Prepared

With the National Grid warning of possible 3 hour planned power cuts this winter due to the international energy crisis, and the increasing frequency of extreme weather events, this is a good time to think about being prepared for the occasions when we might experience a loss in electricity supply.

During Storm Eunice in February of this year two people said to me during phone calls that their mobile phone battery was running out and that they wouldn’t be able to recharge them due to the power cuts caused by the high winds. For anyone in this situation it would mean they wouldn’t be able to make any phone calls, whether in an emergency, or to keep in touch with vulnerable family members and friends. Also for those of us who rely on a smart phone for access to the internet and emails, these services would be unavailable too.

Tip: buy a portable power bank for charging your mobile phone. These are charged up from the mains via an adapter and will usually retain their charge for several weeks. For £20-£30 it is possible to buy a power bank that will charge a smart phone 2-4 times, depending on its size and capacity. Some bigger power banks can also charge a tablet or iPad.

Tips: For lighting during a power cut, check that you have a torch to hand (make sure you also have some spare batteries) and consider investing in a solar powered lantern; for having hot drinks make sure you have a flask to fill with hot water in advance.

Hopefully there won’t be any power cuts this winter and we won’t need to rely on these things, but they’re a bit like insurance policies; essential to have when you really need them!

Finally to make sure that you receive email communications issued regarding any emergencies affecting Cockfield, make sure that you sign-up for the Cockfield Community Broadcast by following the link in the footer of this page.


Mark Webster, on behalf of Cockfield Parish Council

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