Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Paws on Patrol Initiative, including a competition

Paws on Patrol is an initiative to promote and reward community members who are responsible dog owners.

Can you confirm the following statements:

  • my dog is registered with a vet
  • my dog is vaccinated
  • my dog is micro-chipped
  • I clear up my dog’s mess
  • I do not allow my dog to cause annoyance to other persons / neighbours

If so then you will be eligible to join the scheme and receive awards from local dog related businesses, for being a responsible citizen.

When joining the scheme you will receive a membership card which also contains contact numbers for Suffolk police and your local authority, enabling you to report community issues that you encounter on your walks.

This membership card also accesses the incentives provided by local businesses.

You will not be expected to challenge or tackle any issues you encounter, you are merely asked to report them to the relevant authority for them to address, and this could be anything from a blocked right of way, graffiti, fly tipping, to damage.

You would probably do this anyway, why not be rewarded for it?!

You will receive updates via Police Direct, which is a way of remaining updated by Suffolk Police and your local authority, regarding issues affecting your area, either by text message or email.

All you have to do is complete an application form, get your vet to stamp the form where required, and submit it to your local police. You will then receive your membership card and incentives pack.

Click below for details of a Paws on Patrol competition.

  Paws on Patrol Competition


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