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Parish Council Report September 2017

The Parish Council met on Thursday 28th September 2017.  The County Councillor and the District Councillor each attended for part of the meeting and there were 2 members of the public.

In the Open Session the Council was asked of a proposed small housing development in Chapel road and its response. The Chairman explained the planning guidance the parish council is given on current development strategy and sustainable development together with its role as one of many consultees.

The County Councillor reported that new Cabinet Committees had been appointed to include all political parties and that he would serve on the health committee. These meetings would not be held in public. There had been a review of Councillor’s allowances.  The Highways Department had been restructured and any matters for West Suffolk should be referred to Phoenix House in Ipswich.  He would question why the footpath verges on the A1141 had still not been improved as he had been promised.  The issue of school bus entitlement had been referred for reconsideration and he was asked to investigate further how this would affect children attending Cockfield / Thurston schools. He also indicated that the County Police & crime commissioner was not supportive of a merger with the Fire Service having looked at the viability of this.

The District Councillor mentioned the Boundary Commission review for Babergh.  Babergh provided two proposals that impact Cockfield. The Commission would issue it’s findings later in the year with further consultation. The Babergh move of offices to Endeavour House in Ipswich should be completed early in October.  Babergh was the first Council to install an electric car charger in a public car park in Sudbury.

Other matters discussed –

The 2 red telephone boxes purchased for a nominal sum by the Parish Council would be repainted, one possibly relocated and the village would be asked via Green Links for ideas on future use.  One electronic speed warning sign would be purchased this will include a data collection facility; posts for these are already in place.

The need to replace the village sign in the next year or two was considered due to the deterioration of the existing sign and support post.  The future of the Glebe land on Bury road remains unclear and the diocese will consider early 2018.  ROSPA has carried out the annual play equipment inspection.   Small problems in the pavilion heating are being resolved.

Council expressed thanks to Mrs Heather in recently clearing around unattended graves in the cemetery. She has agreed to continue with this assistance and monitor the condition of some footpaths. Following the public presentation in the village hall in early May regarding the future development at Mackenzie Place, follow up work on the comments and suggestions received are being progressed.  Suffolk County Council will be looking at a formal planning application in the very near future. In due course a further presentation will be made to the village once this planning application has been validated by the District Council. We will keep the village fully informed of any developments via the Cockfield Web-site and Green Links.

The Parish Council will be considering their response to the Babergh and Mid-Suffolk Joint Local Plan Consultation Document. Details of the plan and how the public can respond are on page 35 of Green Links.

The East Anglian section of the Tree Council has chosen Cockfield for its meeting on the 30th September at which 70 tree wardens are expected to attend including a visit to Earls Meadow

The Parish Council will enter a team for the Community Council Quiz in November.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 30th November at 7.30 pm.

The Parish Council may be contacted through the Clerk, Doug Reed, on 01359 241009 or by e-mail at

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