Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Parish Council October Meeting Report

The Parish Council met on Thursday 27th October.

Our District Councillor, Clive Arthey, advised that a leaflet will be delivered to all households detailing changes to waste recycling in Suffolk. He noted that there is a major concern with the amount of contaminated waste being found in blue bins – specifically nappies and food waste –  which results in the whole load being rejected and sent to the incinerator. The leaflet clarifies what is acceptable to place in the blue bins and how it should be presented – it also notes that textiles will no longer be collected in blue bins as volumes have dropped and the scheme is no longer viable. Instead it is suggested that unwanted textiles are donated to charities.

Our County Councillor, Jenny Antill reported that the decision regarding devolution of government powers in Norfolk and Suffolk to a local mayor has been delayed by two weeks. She noted our concerns regarding the frequency of verge cutting in the village and advised that alternative methods of managing this activity are being considered although funding a second annual cut is an issue.

In response to a report from a resident the Council agreed to investigate the cost of installing a litter bin in the bus shelter at Mill Corner.

British Telecom have advised of their intention to remove the public telephone boxes on Gt. Green, in Howe Lane, Windsor Green and Mackenzie Place as a result of a wider usage review. This is subject to public consultation which ends on 4th December. Accepting that use was negligible and it is likely that the boxes will be declared redundant by BT, the Council agreed to register its interest in purchasing the red boxes in Mackenzie Place and Howe Lane given their historical significance.

It was reported that clearance of undergrowth and trimming of trees around the Gt Green pond has been completed. Work will commence in the immediate future to improve the lay-bys around the Green, but decorative work on the village sign on Parsonage Green  has been temporarily delayed.

The steps down to the river by the nursery bed in Earls Meadow are now under construction.

It was noted that a number of gulleys around the village need clearing and representations will be made to County Highways to rectify this.

Work on passenger safety improvements at the Mill Corner southbound bus stop have now been completed.

The next meetings of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 24th November 2016 and Thursday 26th January 2017 at 7.30 pm.

The Parish Council may be contacted through the Clerk, Doug Reed, on 01359 241009 or by e-mail at


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