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Parish Council Meeting Report, May 2021

Summary report of the Annual Meeting of the full Parish Council held on 27 May 2021 at 7.30pm held in the Village Hall, Cockfield.

Please note: ‘To obtain a copy of the full formal minutes of this meeting, please email the Parish Clerk,

 The meeting was held in the Village Hall and was the first face to face meeting since relaxation of COVID measures with the necessary distancing and face coverings being worn. Being the Annual meeting there were a number of procedural matters to action including election of councillor’s roles for the forthcoming year.

 Derek Southgate was elected as Chairman

Carl Brinkley was elected as Vice Chairman

Details of post holders for Council Committees, Sub-Committees and Working groups, External Body Representatives, Council officers and portfolio holders are updated in detail on the village web site.

Matters of Governance were also adopted;

Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Asset Register and Risk Register:

Outstanding Actions from previous meetings:

 Relocation Telephone Kiosks: No update

Turfing at Great Green: Deferred until the Autumn.

Emergency Plan: Cllr Webster had circulated to Cllrs in advance of the meeting, a copy of the new Emergency Plan (using the new SCC template). Cllr Webster explained that the Plan needs to conform to SCC’s rules to be covered by SCC’s insurance. Cllr Webster, Cllr Cutting-Keyton and Neil Ashton had volunteered to be part of the Emergency Team, but further recruitment is needed to fill various roles within the Plan.

Enforcement: The Clerk has chased BMSDC Enforcement to report Contractors parking cars on the Great Green and the occurrence of several bonfires on the construction site to the north of the Plough and Fleece. Enforcement have raised the issues with the Developer, but have advised the Clerk that they are unable to take any enforcement action as there wasn’t any condition preventing off-site parking included in the approval decision. Similarly, the ‘No Bonfires’ condition was only included in the DC/18/00306 approval, and is not enforceable until the Reserved Matters stage. (Action Closed).

The Clerk was asked to contact BMSDC to enquire if the work carried out to create the visibility splays is the full extent of work to be undertaken or whether further work will be carried out to remove the vegetation, tree stumps etc which will otherwise continue to grow.

Parking at the Great Green; Cllr Brinkley confirmed he is contacting RoSPA on 28/05/21 to arrange a site meeting at the Great Green with RoSPA, Cllr Morley and Cllr Turner, to seek advice about any further measures to mitigate potential safety Risks.

 Glebe Land: Cllr Morley to establish current situation with a resident concerning residual rubbish left on an apparent vacated allotment plot.

 Cemetery: Cllr Turner provided the Cemetery details to the Clerk to forward to the Rating Agency. (Action completed)

Playground: The Clerk has contacted APL (Playground Contractors) who will be attending site on 28/05/21 to repair two of the steps on the Climbing Frame Ramp. (Action Complete).

Cllr Turner advised by email, circulated to Cllrs in advance of the meeting, that he had obtained a quotation for a ‘Children Crossing’ SID, but it was not cost effective.

Public Participation Session:

In Suffolk County Cllr Lindsay’s absence there was no report.

In District Cllr Arthey’s and District Cllr Maybury’s absence there was no report.

Mr Allan Cousins reported a problem with the bridge over the stream on the footpath from the Abbey to St Peter’s Church. The Clerk advised that both the bridge and footpath are the responsibility of SCC, so any problems should be reported on their website.

Mr Allan Cousins commended the new SID positioned on the A1141 approach to Cross Green, but advised that trees and bushes at that location are starting to obscure the SID. Cllr Brinkley agreed to review the state of the vegetation and if necessary, to speak with the owners of the land.

Mr David Hodge raised the issue of the missing Cockfield sign at the A1141 approach to Stows Hill, Cockfield from the Lavenham direction. The Clerk was requested to write to SCC to obtain a timescale to replace it.

Planning: Applications Received for consultation:

APPLICATION FOR CONSENT TO CARRY OUT WORKS TO TREE(S) PROTECTED BY A TREE PRESERVATION ORDER - DC/21/02586: Proposal: Notification of Works to Trees Protected by a Preservation Order - T1 (Sycamore) - Remove basal epicormic growth. T2 (Oak) - Raise crown to 5m; reduce lateral extension to west by 2m to suitable growth points; remove deadwood and snapped branches. G1 (Sycamores) - Reduce lateral extension to north by 1-2m to suitable growth points. Parcel of Land North Of Wood End House. The Parish Council has no objections to this Application, but requested that the BMSDC Tree Officer visits the site before taking any decision.

DC/21/02621: Full Planning Application - Use of land as transportation and storage yard including associated hardstanding. Mgt (Suffolk) Ltd, Corner Farm, Lawshall Road, Cockfield, IP30 0JP. This site is outside the Cockfield parish boundary and has no impact on Cockfield residents. The Parish Council therefore have no comments about this Application.

DC/21/02648: Proposal: Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved, access to be considered) Town and Country Planning Act 1990 - Severance of garden amenity land and erection of 1No dwelling and garage. Location: 8 Mackenzie Place, Cockfield, Suffolk, IP30 0HY. The Parish Council Objects to this Application.

Planning Decisions Received from BMSDC:

DC/21/00951: Discharge of Conditions Application for DC/17/05332- Condition 16 (Proposed Access), Condition 17 (Roads and Footpaths), Condition 18 (Parking and Turning), Condition 19 (Bins and Collection Areas) Condition 25 (Landscaping Scheme), Condition 31 (Screen Walls and Fences) and Condition 32 (Levels) Land To The North West Of, Mackenzie Place, Cockfield, Suffolk Decision: Conditions Approved.

DC/21/01469:  Discharge of Conditions Application for DC/20/03315 - Condition 4 (Parking and Manoeuvring) Condition 5 (Bins Storage and Presentation), Condition 6 (Discharge of Surface Water), Condition 7 (Access Surface), Condition 9 (Wildlife Sensitive Lighting Design) and Condition 10 (Biodiversity Enhancement Layout). Earls Hall Farm, Earls Hall Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0JD Decision: Conditions Approved

DC/21/02451: Application for a Non-Material Amendment relating to DC/17/03011 - Alterations to Plots 2 & 3 first floor and insertion of a side window. Land to the North East of Ivy Farm, Chapel Road, Cockfield, Suffolk. Decision: Amendment Details Approved

DC/21/01610: Planning Application - Erection of 1no. agricultural building. Plantation Lodge, Bury Road, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LB. Decision: Planning Permission has been Granted

Planning Committees; This item was not discussed in detail due to a number of Cllrs being absent. However, in particular there had been no further information from BMSDC surrounding the Loft Corner application

Dog Bin – It was agreed that orders be placed with Glasdon Ltd for a new Dog Bin, Liner and Fixing Bracket, A Vernon for a powder coated square profile post and brackets and Rod Williams to fix in position at Smithwood Green. (This bin is a legacy from the earlier 2021-22 budget setting)

Bandstand - The quotation from Sudbury Wardens to steam clean the Bandstand shelter was circulated to Cllrs in advance of the meeting but was rejected due to the damage that it may cause to the timber.  Cllr Morley confirmed that he is seeking an alternative proposal to clean and paint the structure inside and out.

Litter picking: It was agreed that that the Sudbury Wardens litter pick of the A1141 from Mill Corner to the southern Village boundary just past the turning to Smithwood Green, be deferred until the Autumn as SCC had just completed cutting the verges.

Suffolk County Council School Bus Service: Cllr Southgate explained the problems caused by the non-alignment of SCC’s School Catchment Area Policy and their ‘Nearest School’ Free Bus Service. Cllr Southgate to seek the support of Head Teacher Trudie Harkin and/or School Governors to challenge the SCC policy and specifically its impact on residents of the new Jeffries Green Development.

Neighbourhood CIL: Cllr Morley confirmed that he is awaiting a feasibility proposal from the Jeffries Green Development Contractors SEH French on the substructure for the proposed new Bus Shelter at Mackenzie Place. Cllr Morley will provide an update on the Feasibility of the new Bus Shelter at MacKenzie Place at the next meeting

Pavilion Update: The Clerk advised that quotations had been received from Floor Dimensions Ltd and Versatile Flooring Ltd to install Altro Flooring in the Pavilion kitchen. It was agreed that Floor Dimensions Ltd offer be accepted.

The Clerk has obtained one quotation to repair the Pavilion Balustrade and will seek another two. Work will not commence until after the Pavilion Renovation work is complete.

Cllr Golding confirmed that he has renewed the TV Licence and reinstalled the TV.  Subject to the Parish Council’s permission, the Football Club are seeking to improve the Access hatch in the Pavilion Kitchen. They are applying for a Grant to help with funding, however, to secure the Grant, they require a letter from the Parish Council guaranteeing a 5-year occupancy/hire agreement. The Clerk was asked to draft a letter.

Parish Council Vacancy: Cllrs agreed the need to fill the Casual Cllr vacancy that has arisen as a result of Cllr Williams resigning from the role. The Clerk will advise BMSDC Returning Officer that a vacancy exists to commence the process of advertising the vacancy and of Co-option to fill it.

Maintenance Matters only by exception:
Greens Management: Cllr Morley advised that S Bradnam Tree Services will be undertaking further tree surgery work on the Great Green on 18/06/21.  Cllr Brinkley advised that the parking on Cross Green was due to water pipe diversion work around Ruffel Cottages following a water leak.

Glebe Land: Cllr Webster and Cllr Morley to meet to discuss the immediate need of securing the site and to consider alternative positions for the gates, along with the need to create a larger opening to improve visibility splays.

 Local Needs Housing: Cllr Morley asked that copies of the Orwell Housing Notices, advertising housing options, needs to be advertised on the Parish Council Notice Boards.

  Third Party Liaison: Highways and Emergencies: Cllr Cutting-Keyton confirmed that a Road Sweep is planned throughout the District shortly.

Police/Fire: Cllr Cutting-Keyton confirmed that the ‘Design Out Crime’ Officer’s report containing recommendations is still outstanding.

Correspondence: The Chairman advised that the Parish Council had received a letter from a resident raising concerns about the allocation process for the affordable housing at Jeffries Green. The letter had been forwarded to Orwell Housing who are responsible for and managing the allocation process and a response sent to the resident.

Complaints had been received about overgrown hedges at additional locations around the village.

The Clerk has contacted SCC to report overgrown hedge problems at Craufurd House, Howe Lane and Meadow Lodge, Chapel Road.  SCC Warden will contact the Clerk to advise what action is proposed at Meadow Lodge and SCC have instructed remedial action within the next week to clear the footpath at Craufurd House.

The Parish Council askes that householders are considerate in the management of their vegetation and hedging abutting footways and the highways. Growth can impact the safety of all users, although more so those less mobile, and those using buggies or mobility assistance.






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