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Parish Council Meeting Report, June 2017

The Parish Council met on Thursday 29th June 2017.

Our new County Councillor, Robert Lindsay, advised us he has been appointed to the County Council Audit and Pension Committees.

There then followed a discussion on verge cutting during which he explained that A & B roads have two cuts per year and ‘other’ roads get one cut. Concern was expressed with the state of the verges on the junctions with the A134 and also the many ‘other’ roads in the village (which, although scheduled, had not yet been cut). The Parish Council agreed that the situation is unacceptable and asked Mr Lindsay to assist in improving the situation. He also agreed to follow up our concerns regarding the encroachment of undergrowth onto the A1141 pedestrian pavements.

Our District Councillor, Clive Arthey, raised the issue of the review of ward boundaries in Babergh District. Although the Parish Council has been invited to comment, it was felt that we should wait until we see the proposed changes before doing so. He did however note some comments regarding the views of Councillors and agreed to keep the Council updated with any developments as they occur. He also updated the Council regarding the relocation of the District Council offices from Hadleigh to Ipswich.

The Chairman was pleased to offer congratulations on behalf of the Council to Mr David Hodge, who was present, for being awarded the British Empire Medal (for his outstanding services to Cockfield) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2017.

The feedback regarding the proposed development at MacKenzie Place from the village has generally been very positive however there have been some concerns raised by local residents. The Parish Council will take those items to the Development Group and address where possible.

With regard to the Greens, it was decided that the proposed mole drains on Great Green will most likely be deferred to next year. The timber in the play equipment on the Green is to be treated in the immediate future and Mr Bradnam was thanked for his donation of chippings for the area. The village sign has been temporarily repaired and reinstalled on Parsonage Green, thanks to Councillor Turner, but long term quotations are being sought for its replacement.

It was noted that damage to the access to the cemetery, caused by BT works, has been reported to the County Council and rectification is awaited

The next meetings of the Parish Council will take place on Thursday 27th June and Thursday 28th September, both at 7.30 pm. There is no meeting in August

The Parish Council may be contacted through the Clerk, Doug Reed, on 01359 241009 or by e-mail at





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