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Parish Council Meeting Report, April 2021

Summary report of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting held on 29th April 2021 by Skype Video Conference

To obtain a copy of the full minutes of this meeting, please email the Parish Clerk,

Telephone Kiosks; The relocation of the box from outside the post office was proving challenging. However, it was noted this is intrinsic to the plan for providing a further defibrillator and efforts to progress this should be stepped up.

Turfing at Great Green; With dry conditions emerging, the turf around the play equipment is to be deferred to the Autumn for more favourable weather conditions

Emergency Plan; Cllr Webster has continued dialogue with BMSDC and other local representatives to progress the updating of the emergency plan. Further details will be provided at the next meeting.

Jeffreys Green Bridge to the railway; Refurbishment works are now underway with the contractor receiving the steelwork for treatment.

 Planning Enforcement; The Clerk to contact BMSDC Enforcement about contractor’s cars parking on Great Green and the occurrence of several bonfires on the construction site behind the Plough and Fleece.

County and District Councillors; Reports were limited due to the rules associated upcoming elections.

Planning Applications to for consultation;

DC/21/01610: Planning Application. Erection of 1 no agricultural building. Plantation Lodge, Bury Road, Cockfield, IP30 0LB (Consultation Response Deadline 16/04/21, Extended to 30/04/21)

The Parish Council supported this application

 DC/21/02037: Householder Application - Erection of two storey rear extension, single storey side extension and detached cart lodge. Alterations to fenestration and Installation of windows, dormers and rooflights.  Colchester Green Farm, Colchester Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0HG (Consultation response Deadline 30/04/21).

The Parish Council supported this application

Planning application responses / Approvals from BMSDC

DC/21/00124: Planning Application - Erection of 2No detached five-bedroom dwellings, rearranging the car parking relating to the public house. Creation of vehicular access drive to serve the two dwellings. Demolition of the existing double garage together with additional landscaping. Three Horseshoes, Stows Hill, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0JB. Decision: Planning Permission has been Refused.

DC/21/01044: Householder Application - Erection of single storey rear extension and new pitched roof over existing single storey extension. Old Hall Green Cottage, Old Hall Lane, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0LQ. Decision: Planning Permission - Granted.

DC/21/02049: Non-material Amendment to DC/17/05332 to enable change to phasing of the development outlined in condition 32A for phase 2 to include plots 9, 10, 11, 27, 28, 29, 30, 42, 43, 44 & 45. Change to Parking Layout of plot 44. Land to The North West Of, Mackenzie Place, Cockfield, Suffolk. Decision: Amendment Details Approved.

 DC/21/00437:  Householder Planning Application - Erection of front porch, 1no. two storey rear extension and 2no. single storey rear extensions. Installation of 4no. courses of brick plinths and cement render to existing external walls. Works to existing side extension including roof covering and weatherboarding. Works to garage including amendments to doors, 4no. courses of brick plinths, weatherboarding and roof covering (following demolition of existing single storey rear extension and porch). Laburnum Cottage, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0LY. Notification that the Planning Application has been Withdrawn.

 DC/21/05813: Discharge of Conditions Application for DC/20/04006- Condition 4 (Materials), Condition 5 (Fenestration and Doors) and Condition 6 (Landscaping Scheme). Roundwood House, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0LY. Approved Conditions 4,5 & 6.

Neighbourhood CIL; (Feasibility of the new Bus Shelter at Mackenzie Place); Cllr Morley reported that the Contractor was still having difficulty in obtaining guidance from BMSDC.

Village Minibus; The Parish Council are managing the village minibus following withdrawal of support by the Community Council. Whilst we remain in uncertain times with lockdown / social limitations, the PC will continue to seek wider use for when the situation improves.

Cllr Levett has set up a simple consolidated booking / invoicing system

An update and information message will be published on village notice boards / Green Links / village web site.

Cllr Levett was to obtain competitive quotations for Minibus insurance for the year commencing 01/06/21.

Parking at Great Green; Following the upturn in usage, Cllrs Brinkley / Morley provided an overview of safety measures currently in place at the Green / Play Equipment. This would continue to be appraised in the situation with a view to also seeking additional guidance from ROSPA as to other measure that may be employed.

Litter Picking; With the present limitations on gatherings and increasing safety concerns, the Council were looking at external help. Cllr Levett had met with Bradley Smith of Sudbury Town Council who offers a range of support services in the surrounding area.

Following reports from other villages Bradley provides an excellent litter picking service. It was agreed to progress further with covering the A1141 Loft corner to village boundary towards Lavenham and consider the stretch of the A134 that runs through the village. Cllr Levett would engage with Bradley for further advice and mobilise on this.

Pavilion Update; Cllr Golding had worked with the Clerk to progress the flooring as part of the kitchen upgrade.

The Clerk to obtain a quotation to repair the Pavilion Balustrade from three joinery contractors.

Dog Litter Bin; A request had been received for the installation of additional Dog Litter Bins at the entrances to the public footpaths / bridlepaths leading from Chapel Road and Howe Lane.

The 2021-22 budget has provision for 1no bin only at another location. The council would monitor the situation to determine if action was required.

 Maintenance Schedule and Asset Management;

Greens Management – Tree maintenance / safety work is in progress at Great Green

Glebe Land – Cllr Webster had visited the site in order to assess the boundaries and visible historic allotment plots with a view to drawing up a new plan.

Earls Meadow – Following the lockdown easing the working group was progressing its seasonal work.

Local Needs Housing; The target for the first local needs lettings remain on course for the end of May. Marketing of the first batch of self-building plots continues with the agents appointed by SCC.

Councillors; Cllr Rodney Williams advised he was standing down from the Parish Council prior to the PC annual meeting after 14 years of service. The Chairman and Councillors thanked him for his work over the period.

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