Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Parish Council Meeting Report, 30th July 2020

The Parish Council held another successful online virtual meeting via Skype

Outstanding Actions were noted from previous meetings:

Matters concerning: Pavilion Hire Agreement, New Notice Board at Great Green, Refurbishment of Benches, Cutting Grass on Verges, BMSDC Restrictions on Bonfires, Parish Councillor Vacancy advertisement and Earls Meadow bridge safety sign were confirmed as closed.

Matters regarding: Telephone Kiosk relocation, Parking bays at Great Green,  Mackenzie Place Bus Shelter refurbishment were deferred as Cllr Brinkley, the lead on these items, was not able to attend the meeting.

New Adventure Playground: Cllrs Morley, Cutting-Keyton and the Clerk met Action Play & Leisure to finalise a number of issues to progress the project. Action Play & Leisure have provided a price for additional facilities, for older children, which was considered too expensive. The contractor has been asked to confirm his start date and to provide a quote for replacing the existing woodchip with new.

Village Survey Questionnaire: Cllr Southgate has reviewed the survey questions contained in the Elmsett Neighbourhood Plan and compared these with the 2014 Cockfield Housing Survey.  The Clerk has contacted the Elmsett Chairman to seek his assistance in providing an editable version of their Neighbourhood Plan compliant questionnaire which we can use as the basis of a new survey.

Public Participation Session: County Cllr Lindsay circulated his report prior to the meeting although highlighted that the COVID-19 Test and Trace initiative required the number of tests to be increased.  SCC want to manage the testing process themselves rather than subcontracting this out.

County Cllr Lindsay confirmed that SCC do not have any funding to progress a safe walking route from the new Mackenzie Place Development to the village school. Cllr Morley argued that this should be a fundamental part of Babergh’s ‘Sustainable Travel Action Plan’ and link into SCC’s Safe Routes to Schools initiative. Cllr Morley had explored the possibility of land acquisition to facilitate a new footpath from Mill Corner to the War Memorial. The Clerk was requested to arrange a meeting on site with interested parties and County Cllr Lindsay agreed to ascertain the appropriate contact at SCC Highways.  Cllr Webster suggested that the 40mph speed limit may need to be extended up to Mill Corner. County Cllr Lindsay agreed to get the vegetation cut back along the A1141 footpath.

District Cllr Arthey submitted a short report prior to the meeting, although highlighted the new Waste Recycling campaign planned for the Autumn, due to erroneous items being put in the “Blue Bins” and recycling processors being more selective in the quality of the material. He also mentioned the approval of the Local Development Scheme and JLP timetable together with CIFCO’s (BMSDC Property investment company) financial performance.

Planning: Applications Received:

DC/20/02670: Full Planning Application – Erection of 1 No dwelling (following demolition of semi-detached dwelling and outbuildings) (re-submission of DC/19/05654). Lane End, Colchester Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0HG (Consultation Submission Deadline 24/07/20, extended until 4/08/20). The Parish Council supports the Application.

APP/D3505/W/20/3251308: Planning Appeal Reference AP/20/00051 – Planning Application for Erection of 2no semi-detached dwellings: Land North Of 4 Hedgerow Cottages, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP30 0LY. (Appeal Start Date: 08/07/2020, Parish Council Comments due 12/08/20). The Parish Council supports the Appeal.

DC/20/02826: Householder Application – Erection of single storey and first floor rear extensions. Chapel Cottage, Chapel Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0HE. (Consultation Submission Deadline 01/08/20) The Parish Council supports the Application.

DC/20/02993: Householder Planning Application – Erection of a detached 3 bay cart lodge with hobby room above. Chiltern House, Howe Lane, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0HA. (Consultation Submission Deadline 08/08/20). The Parish Council supports the Application.

Planning Decisions Received:

DC/20/02057: Discharge of Conditions Application for DC/18/01213 – Condition 3 (Materials), Condition 4 (Levels), Condition 5 (Landscaping Scheme) and Condition 11 (Archaeological Works): The Abbey, Bury Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0LB. Applicant to satisfy conditions applied to Conditions 3, 4, 5 & 11 prior to progressing above slab level.

Governance: The Statutory annual governance statement was been completed to evidence internal control procedures and accounting is in accordance with the Accounts & Audit Regulations 2015.

Glebe Land: To keep the area in orderCllr Morley confirmed that a farmer was offered the opportunity to cut the grass on the Glebe meadow, in exchange for the Hay generated.

Earls Meadow: Cllr Morley advised that he would be asking S Bradnam to quote for cutting up two fallen trees in Earls Meadow. Cllr Morley and S Bradnam will also inspect two trees at the pond Great Green, two Mountain Ash trees in the Cemetery and to provide a health check of the trees in Jeffreys Green.  

Cemetery: Cllr Turner requested that an advert be placed in Green Links for Working Party volunteers to undertake work on the unattended graves in the Cemetery. The Parish Council would like to thank Mr & Mrs Heather for clearing weeds around 30 graves.

Pavilion Update: The Council continues to query the extent and detail of remedial works with the Insurers. A revised schedule was received but not in time for scrutiny before the meeting. The Clerk with the Pavilion working group will progress this to get a resolution.

Re-opening Pavilion: It was agreed that the Pavilion be re-opened and the Football Club be allowed to use it, subject to a number of parish council controls.  However having considered the wider risks Cllrs decided not to open the pavilion for other events at this time.

Re-opening Children’s Playground; It was agreed that the Children’s Playground on Great Green should not reopen until the new Adventure Play equipment is installed in September. 

Risk Register: Cllrs reviewed the status of a number of matters concerning; Councillor Workloads,  Minibus and Election Costs

Local Needs Housing: Cllr Morley confirmed that an Orwell Housing article had been published in the August issue of Green Links on Shared Ownership housing.  Phase 1 was due for completion in March 2021.

District Cllr Arthey confirmed that he had spoken with Paul Bryant (BMSDC’s NP lead) who had advised that the Parish Council’s proposed Housing Needs Survey should contain a number of the questions contained in the earlier 2014 survey to demonstrate continuity and identify changes to the original survey.  He also advised that the Survey should contain a question on ‘Important Spaces’ within the village.

Noticeboards: It was agreedthat the Notice Board at Cross Green by renewed and those at the Abbey, Mackenzie Place and the 3 Horseshoes be refurbished. 

Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC): Cllr Cutting-Keyton was unable to join the SALC AGM as it clashed with Parish Council meeting.

Highways and Emergencies: Cllr Cutting-Keyton advised that she continued to report potholes to SSC web portal.

Police/Fire: It was notedthat there had been a theft in Cockfield w/c 27th July.

Councillor Code of Conduct: It was agreed that the Parish Council did not need to respond to the consultation on a revised version.

Quiet Lanes Initiative: It was agreed that the Parish Council express an interest in designating Perrydown Lane as a ‘Quiet Lane’.

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