Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Parish Council Meeting Report, 23rd September 2021

(Please note: ‘To obtain a copy of the full formal minutes of this meeting, please email the Parish Clerk,’)

 Telephone Kiosks; Cllr Turner had determined that the relocation of the Telephone box from Howe Lane is impractical.  Therefore he circulated in advance details of some alternative options to house an additional defibrillator at the Great Green and identified the need for a power supply. Cllrs agreed to defer this until ongoing matters in the area became clearer.

Public Participation; The Clerk reported the missing Cockfield sign on the A1141 approach to Stow Hill onto the SCC Website, but is still awaiting feedback from SCC.  Given this lack of response the Parish Council unfortunately agreed that the only way to progress this was to implement the replacement itself. Cllr Turner was aware of a supplier who could provide compliant signage so would obtain quotations.

 Bandstand; Finding a contractor to refurbish the bandstand was still proving challenging. The clerk would also approach the individual doing the pavilion work to see if this was in his scope.

 SCC School Bus Service; SCC Cllr Robert Lindsay noted that the “Scrutiny meeting” was not as expected and appeared to be a platform for members to simply reiterate policy and confirm how difficult it would be to change direction, concluding there would be no move from the present situation. Therefore, the impact to Cockfield and many other villages affected by this continues.  Cllr Morley, who also attended with BMSDC Cllr Arthey, noted this was a missed opportunity and again was reflective of the wider inability of SCC to serve the village, as we have found with many things recently.

 Pavilion Balustrade; The repair of the Pavilion Balustrade was scheduled to be undertaken week beginning 20/09/21. However, the clerk noted the contractor was struggling to secure materials so it was unclear when a commencement would be made.

Asset Volunteers; Cllrs were reminded that whilst there were no urgent issues on the Asset Maintenance Register, items still needed to be picked up which were previously the responsibility of ex-Cllr Williams.

Suffolk County Councillor and Babergh District Councillor Reports.

Robert Lindsay re-affirmed that in his opinion the school bus policy, now part way through its cycle, had not so far proved to save money and has caused additional stress to families and costs with handling appeals.  SCC would not support a partial change to avoid split siblings and villages. Officers just kept saying it would lead to accusations of inequality of service. One of the recommendations the committee will make is that Rachel Hood (education cabinet member) push MPs and the Government for more funding to support school buses and parental choice.

Planning; applications received which have been referred to the Parish Council;

DC/20/05849: TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990 APPEAL UNDER SECTION 78 Appeal Reference: APP/D3505/W/21/3271431 Appeal by: David Hodge Farms Proposal: Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved, access to be considered) – Erection of 2 no. detached dwellings and associated garages (with access).: Land North Of, Howe Lane, Cockfield, Suffolk Appeal Start Date: 18/08/2021. (Consultation Response Deadline 22/09/21). The council noted there was some confusion with two identical appeals at the location.  Having previously responded, the clerk would check if the earlier PC submission could also be duplicated.

DC/21/03753: Application for Listed Building Consent – Remove areas of cement and masonry paint from external render, repair with lime plaster and redecorate with limewash. Installation of 2no. cast iron vents and 1no. vented pantile. Internal and external repairs and alterations as detailed in the Schedule of Works and Heritage Statement: The Abbey Cottage, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LY. (Resubmission due to amended plan).  (Consultation Response Deadline 20/09/21, extended until 25/09/21) The Parish Council had no objections.

DC/21/05002: Notification for Works to trees in a Conservation Area – Pollard 1No Ash tree in rear garden by up to 30%. Location: Conifers, Cross Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LG. (Consultation Response deadline 30/09/21). The Parish Council had no objections.

DC/21/05029: Planning Application – Erection of 1no. Self-Build Dwelling and associated works including; Creation of vehicular access and provision of landscaping: Land Adj. To Gambrel, Chapel Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds. (Consultation Deadline 04/10/21).

The Parish Council noted that this application had been withdrawn just prior to the meeting.

DC/21/04445: Householder Application – Erection of an outbuilding: Windsor Green Farmhouse, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LY. (Consultation Deadline 07/10/21). The Parish Council had no objections.

DC/21/02648: Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved, access to be considered) Town and Country Planning Act 1990 – Severance of garden amenity land and erection of 1No dwelling and garage. 8 Mackenzie Place, Cockfield, Suffolk, IP30 0HY. (Resubmission due to amended drawing). (Consultation Deadline 30/09/21).

The Parish Council considered there had been no material change since the last application at this site, so continue to object to the proposals.

Babergh District Council planning permissions / refusals received:

DC/21/03152: Discharge of Conditions Application for B/17/00379 – Condition 3 (Fenestration) Location: Abbey Farm, Bury Road, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0LB. Decision: Discharge of Conditions Refused.

DC/21/04120: Planning Application. Erection of agricultural barn. Lane End, Colchester Green, Cockfield, IP30 0HG. Decision: Planning Permission has been Granted.

DC/21/04061: Householder Planning Application – Erection of a two-storey side extension following demolition of existing garage Vine Cottage, Chapel Road, Cockfield, Suffolk IP30 0H. Decision: Planning Permission has been Granted.

Neighbourhood CIL; There was no particular update on the Feasibility of the new Bus Shelter at Mackenzie Place.

 Future of the Village Minibus; Cllr Levitt agreed to assist to give the Minibus some more visibility, as the main hirer had now made alternative provision so income was significantly reduced.

Parish Councillor Vacancy; The clerk, Cllrs Cutting-Keyton and The Chairman would meet those showing interest w/c 6th October.

Cllr Levett proposed an application to BMSDC to increase the number of Cllrs from 9 to 10. However, Cllrs remain cautious and inconclusive on this route given there was in any event some confusing advice from BMSDC on the process.  The Clerk would seek to get this situation confirmed such further discussion could occur.

Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations/Remembrance 2021; The Clerk confirmed that the Parish Council are legally mandated to be able to fund an event of this nature.

Cllr Cutting–Keyton had explored options for marquees as this was essential for a successful event, given that the 2012 weather was not good. Options for parallel events over the celebration period would also make further use of the set up. Marques are in short supply, so Cllrs agreed to secure a commitment from a supplier and make the necessary deposit.

An event similar to the Diamond Jubilee requires considerable organisation and there would be separate calls to the villagers to come forward to assist to make the proposal a success.

Annual act of remembrance; The Council had been approached by The Royal British Legion Industries for the remembrance and support to former service personnel. Cllrs agreed, as seen in many other locations, that a “Tommy” should be placed on Parsonage Green. This is a symbolic military figure that has become a nationally recognised symbol of Remembrance and military support. This will be in place for the 11th November.

Maintenance Schedule and Asset Management by exception;

Glebe Land – Cllrs Webster and Morley had determined possibilities for fencing and gates at the Glebe land. However, it needed to be agreed if we should carry out all works now or wait until allotments were established. The availability and continuing increase in material costs were a concern, so Cllrs agreed the works should be completed soon. Especially there was positive feedback on allotments and on-going completions at nearby Jeffreys Green.

Playground – it was noted that the annual safety inspection had not occurred on 22nd Sept as informed by the specialist. However, this has now been re-scheduled for w/c 27th September.

Village Hall Car Park – Cllrs agreed to works to reduce the height of the hedging directly in front of the village hall main doorway, as identified in the crime reduction report.

Local Needs Housing; The three number additional bungalow properties had now reached completion.

Third Party Liaison;

Police/Fire – Design Out Crime Report: Cllrs J Cutting–Keyton and A Golding would review measures at Great Green and the pavilion.


BMSDCs email asking PC for evidence to support Plough & Fleece AVC application. Cllrs noted a decision on the outcome was likely in early October.

BMSDC’s Notice for Civil Parking Enforcement Order and councillors noted the on-going Strategy Consultation at BMSDC which closes on 15th October.

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