Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting Report, September 2019

Summary report of the extra ordinary  Parish Council meeting held 12th September 2019

The meeting was called to action urgent items prior to deadlines, principally payments, two planning consultations and response to the BMSDC Joint Local Plan.

It was noted that a former resident of Cockfield had stepped in to undertake the painting of the 2 No. Parish Council Telephone Boxes for the sum  £150.00 per Telephone Box.

Given the current good weather he was asked to continue with refurbishment of the pavilion railings so further deterioration did not occur before winter.

 Planning: Applications Received:

DC/19/03874: Application for Outline Planning Permission (all matters reserved) – Erection of 1No detached dwelling.  2 Abbey Cottages, Bury Road, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0LB (Consultation Submission Deadline: 6/09/19, extended by BMSDC until 17/09/19)The Parish Council objects to this Application on the basis that the proposal is currently outside planning policy and guidance (The Parish Council’s full consultation submission can be seen on the BMSDC Planning Portal).

 DC/19/03793: Planning Application. Erection of 2no semi-detached dwellings.  Land North of 4 Hedgerow Cottages, Windsor Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 0LY (Consultation Submission Deadline: 3/09/19, extended by BMSDC until 12/09/19). The Parish Council supports this Application although with some comments  (The Parish Council’s full consultation submission can be seen on the BMSDC Planning Portal).

 BMSDC Joint Local Plan:

The Planning Consultation Group reviewed the JLP and having considered the impact on Cockfield, submitted a response to BMSDC’s Consultation request directly onto the BMSDC website.

The JLP sets out a development strategy for BMSDC up to 2036. Many of the strategies (10no) and local polices (33no) in many ways reiterate the BMSDC “Core Strategy” 2014 which was up to the period 2031.

Babergh are targeting delivering 420 dwellings / year in the period with a placement hierarchy being Ipswich fringe, market towns / urban areas, core villages, hinterland villages and hamlets. (Cockfield has one hinterland and 5no hamlet areas).

This scope appears favourable to Cockfield in potentially limiting developments; whereas the A14 corridor and established settlements supported by infrastructure, have sites and sizable numbers of dwellings earmarked, for example Elmswell, Thurston, Waldingfield and Cornard.

Other key attributes included are: “Affordable” provision, environmental considerations / “green” initiatives, together with employment provision.

District Councillor Arthey was in attendance and also noted that BMSDC can demonstrate a housing land supply in excess of five years, which should counter ad-hoc planning approvals sort under the National Planning Policy Framework, which are often in inappropriate locations and outside of local policy.


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