Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Word Processing Part 1

Pre-requisite: Beginners Parts 1 and 2 or basic computing experience

The objective of this session is to give you the basic skills required to create, modify, format and save a simple word document.

We will be using the program Microsoft Word 2013, which is on the CCC machines. Some attendees may earlier versions such as Word 2007, 2003 or 2000. There is also the program Writer which is part of the LibreOffice or OpenOffice free office suites. All these programs do basically the same job, newer versions have more features and some differences in the way the program looks.

At the basic level covered in this session, any of the programs mentioned will serve the purpose. Where necessary we will take the time to point out the key differences between the programs that may be in use in the class.

The Word Processing Part 2 session in Block 2 builds on this session with some additional techniques such as styles, templates and outlining.

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