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McKenzie Place Update – April 2020

Update on Housing Development at Mackenzie Place, Cockfield – Jeffreys Green

I never imagined that when I sat down to next write for Green Links that I would be writing it from my new ‘home office’ during a pandemic lockdown - but here we are!  Although the site is currently closed, I thought it would still be useful to provide you with an update and an insight into how coronavirus is affecting construction.

Before we entered lockdown, progress on site had been good, with the site accommodation being set up and work on property foundations being progressed.  As the pandemic situation began to escalate, SEH Construction had managed to implement social distancing measures and keep the site open in line with government advice.  However, as the days went by it became increasingly difficult to obtain materials and plant, and with the suppliers eventually shutting, this left SEH Construction with no choice but to close the site.  As I write the site is closed and monitored and checked on a regular basis.  SEH Construction or Orwell can still be contacted should anyone have any concerns.

Last week the government issued further advice about implementing social distancing measures in construction and the builders that Orwell work with are now starting to look at how they can reopen sites where it is safe and practical, so we may see the situation with this site change in the coming weeks.

We unfortunately also had to cancel the village information event that was planned for April 7th.  We are however still taking enquiries from people who are interested in finding out information about the different housing types that are available on the site.  If you would like some information, please contact Sandra Scott, Orwell Housing Association on 01473 228642 or by email at

Thank you and keep safe


Dawn Edwards
Development Manager
Orwell Housing Association


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