Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting, 27 June 2019

Summary report

Public Participation Session; Cllr Lindsay advised that he had obtained commitment from SCC Highways to undertake a 2nd cut of the grass verges on Cockfield’s C & U Roads to compensate the Parish Council for SCC Highways cutting the verges only 2 weeks after the Parish Council’s Contractor had undertaken this work.

SCC Highways had visited Howe Lane and would not be undertaking any redial work to the damaged verge and collapsed ditch, however the Clerk was asked to email further particulars to Cllr Lindsay to chase with highways

Mr Hodge enquired as to the future use of the MacKenzie Place Telephone Kiosk and the Chairman advised that the Parish Council would consider future use after the Kiosks had been refurbished.

Mr Hodge enquired as to whose responsibility it was to cut the hedges around the Car Park.  Cllr Cutting keyton confirmed that the School are responsible for the hedge cutting.

Pavilion Hire Charges: Cllr Southgate outlined the increasing Pavilion running costs, income received and the new Pavilion hire charges, namely £30 for ad-hoc events (Children’s parties, WI events etc), £50 for ad-hoc Sporting use and £850 Annual Fee for the Cockfield Football Club (including uses by the Veteran’s team).

Cllr Southgate to arrange meeting with Cllr Turner and Mr Golding to investigate the problem of the thermostats keep tripping out on the Pavilion hot water system.  .

CIL Working Group: The Working Group have met and are progressing proposals.

Clerk’s Salary Review: The Clerk left the room for the discussion. It was agreed that Cllr Southgate, Cllr Morley and the Clerk would meet to discuss the Clerk’s increasing workload and report back before considering the salary.

SALC Planning Training Course: New Councillor training; it was agreed that Cllr Levett be booked a place on the SALC Planning Course.

Parish Council Land Acquisitions

Glebe Land Purchase: The Clerk confirmed that the Parish Council had completed on the purchase of the Glebe Land and that he would be submitting a Financial Completion Statement to BMSDC CIL Team to seek payment of approved CIL 123 Funding. It was agreed that a gate be fitted (at a cost not to exceed £100) at the entrance to the Glebe Meadow.  The Gate is being kindly provided free of charge by Cllr Turner.

Suffolk County Council Meadow Land Purchase:

The Clerk confirmed that the Parish Council’s solicitors are awaiting a response from SCC Solicitors to a number of questions, so there isn’t any progress to report.

Dukes Meadow Land Transfer: The Clerk has written to BMSDC to obtain historical maintenance costs and other information, to enable the Working Group to submit their recommendation to the next suitable Parish Council meeting.

SCC Self Help Scheme

The Clerk updated the meeting over problems encountered over Verge Cutting, Contractor Approval and Accuracy of their work programmes on their Website. The Parish Council to reconsider whether to subscribe to the scheme.

VE Day 75 Celebration on 8th May 2020

It was proposed that the Parish Council be involved in any celebrations.  Cllr Cutting-Keyton agreed to undertake organisations on behalf of the Parish Council and would enlist the help and experience of Mrs Ruffell.


Applications Received: It was noted that the following applications had been referred to the Parish Council:

DC/19/02175: Application for Lawful Development Certificate for Existing Use or Development – Continued use of land as a transportation and storage yard with ancillary workshop and office. Corner Farm, Lawshall Road, Cockfield. The Parish Council determined that because this application had no impact on any resident of Cockfield, it would not submit any consultee comment.

Decisions: It was noted that the following BMSDC decisions have been received:

DC/19/01783: Householder Application – Erection of a Cart lodge, Crimples Farmhouse, Bullswood Lane, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0JE. Planning Permission has been granted.

DC/19/01453: Planning Application – Change of use of ground floor restaurant to all residential use (C3). Thatchers Restaurant, Cross Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP30 0LG.  Application Withdrawn.

Appeal Ref: APP/D3505/W/18/3213481 – Plough and Fleece Inn, Great Green, Cockfield, Bury St Edmunds, IP30 0HJ. The appeal is allowed, and outline planning permission is granted

Working Groups, Representatives to External Bodies, Officers and  Portfolio Holders items for action / decision.

Greens: (Cllr Brinkley) Nothing to report.

Local Needs Housing: (Cllr Morley) Nothing to report.

Suffolk Association of Local Councils: (Cllr Cutting-Keyton) Cllr Cutting-Keyton provide Clerk with a copy of the SALC report for the Clerk to distribute.

Earl’s Meadow: (Cllr Williams) Nothing to report in Cllr Williams absence.

Cemetery: (Cllr Turner) Nothing to report.

Footpaths: (Cllr Turner) Cllr Turner advised that he had reported a problem to SCC.

Highways and Emergencies: (Cllr Cutting-Keyton) Cllr Cutting-Keyton advised that safety concerns had been raised over traffic traversing the island housing the War Memorial, due to the hedge overhanging the highway in Church Lane. The problem to reported on the SCC Website.

Police/Fire: (Cllr Cutting-Keyton) Nothing to report.

Play Equipment: (Cllr Southgate) – Cllr Southgate to commission the Annual RoSPA inspection of the Playground Equipment as an accompanied visit.


There were no further actions resulting from the correspondence register.

.Matters to be brought to the attention of the Council either for information or for inclusion on the agenda of a future Ordinary Meeting.

Cllr Brinkley announced the death of Mr Paul Brinkley, a good friend to the village and past Cllr of the Parish Council. The Parish Council expressed its sadness over the news and asked that our  condolences were sent in the form of a letter to Sue Brinkley

It was agreed that the following items be included on the Agenda for next Ordinary Parish Council meeting: 1) Neighbourhood CIL Working Group Report, 2) VE Day 75 Celebration on 08/05/20, 3) Annual Review of Asset Register, 4) Quarterly Review of Risk Register, 5) Review of Clerk’s Salary, 6) Purchase of Mackenzie Meadow from SCC, 7) Dukes Meadow Land Transfer Recommendation.

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