Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Excel Part 2

Pre-requisite: Basic working knowledge of Excel.

For those whose first exposure to Excel was attending the CCC Excel Part 1 session of the current Programme, it is not recommended to attend Part 2 straightaway. The advice is to practice the basics and discover ways in which you can use Excel in simple situations before attempting Part 2.

Excel is a very comprehensive product, and it is impossible to do it justice in 2 sessions. For those looking to develop their existing Excel skills, it has proved of benefit to focus on a few areas:

  • Absolute v relative addressing
  • Formulae
  • Working with multiple sheets
  • Charts
  • Linking Excel and Word

Other topics of interest may be included on request.

Please click the link to download the exercise file for this session:

  Parish Council Report, January 2012

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