Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Excel Part 1

Pre-requisite: Beginners Parts 1 and 2 or basic computing experience

Excel is Microsoft’s tool used primarily for creating spreadsheets, but there are other types of use which we will cover. This session assumes no prior knowledge of Excel.

Typical applications for Excel:

  • The classic spreadsheet, where tables of numbers are manipulated in some way. In the home an example might be the household budget where planned and actual expenditure are recorded, compared and totalled against various categories of expense.
  • The database, or catalogue – usually a list of items which are categorised and processed in some way. Examples in the home might be a contents schedule for insurance purposes, or a catalogue of books, CD’s etc.
  • Managing information associated with groups of people, events etc. Anyone associated with administering clubs, societies, voluntary groups, lessons, timetables or schedules potentially would have an application for Excel.

We’ll go through the basic tasks required to construct a simple spreadsheet. If you use the spreadsheet program called Calc provided with the LibreOffice or OpenOffice suites, there will be some differences but there will be no problem building the example spreadsheet in the session and both Excel and Calc will be demonstrated.

That spreadsheet can be downloaded using the link below.

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