Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Earl’s Meadow Duck Race Easter Saturday

It was a truly beautiful morning, the sun was shining brightly across the newly harrowed and cut meadow and the beauty of the scene was a true testament to the hard work put in by volunteers over winter and spring.

The centre of operations for the duck race was at the middle shed, one moment there was nobody, and you wondered if, after two years of covid, anyone was going to turn up at all; the next moment the place was thronging with children and adults of all ages and, it was lovely to see so many newcomers. Welcome to the village one and all!

Over the spring months, a lot of work has taken place clearing the stream banks of the Jeffery’s Green Meadow, so it was decided to start the race there… So we all trooped back over Bruff’s Line where most people decided to stand on the newly refurbished sleeper bridge and watch the ducks coming toward them. The ducks were launched and sedately made their way towards the bridge, the volume and pace of the water could hardly stand shoulder to shoulder with the Severn Bore but it was good enough for our needs. Next came the twin tunnels of the culvert, Mel, the official duck herder , ushered the ducks through one tunnel and I chivvied them them through the other, as the crowd thronged to the finish line by the steps, there was much excitement as everyone tried to spot their duck, as the ducks headed towards the net,  Albie acted as judge and catcher and relayed the results to Rachel. Then it was time for the second race.

There were prizes of Easter Eggs for the winning (and the last) duck in each race  but no child went away without a gift of chocolate.

It was lovely to see that some families stayed for a picnic, and lovely to return later and find not a scrap of litter.

A beautiful morning, a beautiful location, being enjoyed by so many.

And still glides the stream ready for next year.

Thank you to everybody who created the surroundings and to those who made the duc race possible and to all who gathered together to celebrate on this special morning.





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