Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Community Council AGM – Chair’s Report

When I was a child and getting impatient for an event to happen (i.e. a birthday, school holidays or Christmas) my parents would always say “Don’t wish your life away, it’ll go by fast enough”; and the fact that it’s report time again already shows the truth of those words.

It has been a positive and thoughtful year with village organisations working, I feel, closer than before. Take “Carols on The Green” , Filthy weather, a waterlogged green, a sudden change of venue to the Village Hall  and yet everyone pulled together and made it alright on the night!

The Art Show was again a great success, we had learned lessons from the first event and it showed. Well done to all concerned.

The Queen’s 90th Birthday was a prime example of the village working together, nobody had to be coerced or cajoled, they just turned up, put it all together, enjoyed the day and took it all down again.

The Village show was the best yet; the weather was beautiful and this sat well upon the shoulders of those attending and at the end of the day they didn’t really want to go home.

I confess that at 4:30 I looked at all the “stuff” that had to be packed away, tents, tables, chairs, bales and booths and barbeques and it seemed a mammoth task . But suddenly it all happened. People just jumped in and cleared it away, newcomers working alongside old stagers and by 6:00 the peace and tranquillity of Clipt Bushes was restored Once again thank you to  Barbara and Caroline Ruffel  for their help, kindness and  their willingness to share their beautiful gardens with the village.

I could write a great many more words on what we have achieved this year and on what we will do next year but there isn’t time or space so watch for Green Links and for a new series of events including Cockfield Community Cinema.

We thank Kylie Sheppard for joining the trustees during the year and Ashley and Sandra for putting on the brilliant Murder Mystery evening.

Our thanks to so many people who have helped in so many ways.

I close with a reflection.  As I write this I have a copy of “Cockfield Memories 1920-1960” on the desk before me.

As I look through the pages I see photos of people old and young, from all walks of life engaged in village pursuits, working, sporting, social.

Some of these good people have passed from us; others still dwell in the village, this village, their village.  Our village.

A community which gets involved and looks to the past, the present and the future, for ourselves and our children.

The Community Council is here to help but the council is nothing without the support and help of the community.

I wish all a Happy Christmas and all the best for the coming year


With Respect

R Williams
Community Council Chairman



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