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Cockfield Community Council Chairman’s Report, November 2018

A couple of weeks ago a gentleman, not of the parish, after having attended one of our events, remarked that Cockfield has a very warm community spirit. “How do you do it”?” he asked. The answer has to come from the people. how they feel about their neighbours and the village in which they live. it is, in short, warmth of character.

The finest feeling of this is displayed by Carols on The Green. Generally, it is a cold, damp, mouldy evening but always well attended by people from all walks of life and the warmth of those there shines through. Please note, this this evening is organised by three bodies, The CC, St Peters and the Congregational church; a fine example of people working together for people.

A goodly way to start the new year is the Hangover Hike, a chance to walk the footpaths of the village, meet friends and to admire the finery of the many and various hounds present.

Throughout the year the country and western dances at the village hall always draw people to the event.

Thanks to the football boys for their work on the monthly newspaper collection and to the many others who drop waste paper and cardboard off at the barn, a valuable facility for the village and one which raises much needed funds. We thank David Hodge for this .

The duck race at Earls Meadow is perhaps a silly thing , it makes no money but costs little and brings si much pleasure to children . And it brings children, parents, grandchildren together in such a beautiful setting. A setting maintained by the hard work of the volunteer team

The new Mini bus continues to provide a fine service and we say thanks to to Carl Brinkley and to those who administer the scheme and keep it running.

The cinema has certainly got its feet firmly on the ground providing another popular get together for the village. Earlier this year we invested in upgrading the sound system and thanks are given to the CC , the Parish Council, and councillor Robert Lindsey  for working together and contributing financially to make it happen.

A fine evening of magic and laughter was spent by many in the company of Richard Whymark and I know that at some point we will welcome this talented performer again .

On the May Bank Holiday, the art show was once again the star attraction drawing so many visitors to the village. Ii was the best attended yet and expertly organised. Hats off to the many who have their time to make it so.

The monthly coffee morning is certainly a well thought of social event bringing many people together in warm, convivial company. Such an enhancement to well being,

The vIllage show once again went well this year, reasonable weather and good to see people of all walks of life mingling together, old friends meeting up and more. Thanks to Barbara and Caroline Ruffell for allowing us the use of their delightful grounds,

Time and tide change so on a sad note it was felt by the trustees that this event has grown a little tired and staid and that we will “rest” it next year. This will give us a clear year to look at what we can  put on with a fresher feel for 2020.

The produce show will go ahead in 2019 in the village hall.

The 1914-18 Armistice remembrance service held on Great Green on the evening of the 11th November, whilst not a CC event, was a moving occasion end was well supported. A really worthy and memorable event which showed the close working relationship between the CC and the Parish Council.

The ABBA Evening? Well, what can one say? Superb entertainment superb supper and superb company, over 100 attendees. Well done to all involved

To conclude, another busy year and thanks to all who work so hard to make the village a fine, warm place to live.

The Board of Trustees is always looking for new people to join us, new blood, new ideas to keep your village alive so come and talk to us.

As this world keeps on turning things change and so Victor Keyton and Ashley Cutting are leaving us. We thank them for their impact and we wish them well.

A particular man of note who is leaving us is Mr Paul Brinkley. Records show that he was one of the first persons to be on the CC when it was formed in August 1969 – that is 49  years of service to the village. Thanks alone are not enough. This whole community wishes you well.

On a plus note we welcome   Michelle Callinan  and Ian Levett to the board , Jackie Levett has kindly offered  to help us where and when she can .

So to wish all in this parish the best for Christmas and the new year and  I hope to se you ar Carols On The Green on the 18th December


Rod Williams




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