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Cockfield Community Council Chairman’s Report at the AGM, December 2017

In the words of a song that I know. “And the years go rolling by”. Well, that is certainly true.

It’s been another very busy year with everybody all pulling in the same direction.

Once again we have tried to diversify our activities to interest all people, young and old, but I would say that we are always looking to do different things so if anybody has an idea then please talk to us and we will see what can be done.

One thing we spoke of at the last AGM was the “Cockfield Cinema”. This was started in January; there have been 12 screenings in total and it has been very well supported. In view of this the CC has spent £1600 on blinds for the Velux windows, these are for use by other organisations also should they be required. The cinema nights are warm, friendly, relaxed evenings and you can still have a bag of popcorn in the one and nines. Well done to the team concerned and we are looking at updating equipment soon.

The Country and Western dance nights are still quite well attended though not by many Cockfield people and are a valuable source of funds.

The newspaper recycling collections are still very worthy but we need additional collectors so please talk to me if you can help out.

In April we held an auction, no great threat to Sotheby’s or Christies but a pleasantly different evening with a professional auctioneer and two flamboyant porters/ hostesses.

The Art Show this year really put Cockfield on the map, the most exhibitors, the most attendees, the best show yet.

At  Eight O Clock in the morning at Clipt Bushes on the morning of the Village Show my glass was decidedly half empty. It was very cold, thick fog, the trees were dripping with rain and I thought the day was going to be a disaster but by One O Clock my cup was overflowing! The weather had changed, all and sundry had turned out and another lovely show day was had by all. Thank you to Barbara and Caroline Ruffell for their hospitality.

The Pavilion has seen quite a number of social bookings this summer and we aim to increase its usage next year.

A Car Boot Sale and a Quiz Night were both well attended and hats off to the catering ladies at the quiz.

The Earl’s Meadow Project continues to flourish and has been the centre of a major Tree Warden’s event. Thanks go to all who have worked so hard to make this such a beautiful place to relax in.

Communication is vital to the Community Council and the village so thank you for the invaluable content of Green Links and Cockfield Community Broadcasts.

The CC has contributed a fair sum of money to keep the Village Hall up to date and at the time of writing the final touches are being put to the purchase of a new Mini Bus.

Thanks go to the Parish Council; and our local Councillor Mr Robert Lindsey for their contribution, also to Carl Brinkley and Rod Portwood for their “ behind the scenes”  work.

So, another year ends and another follows and I thank everybody involved for their commitment and hard work. Sadly we have to say goodbye to Rod and Jill Portwood and thank them for their work and unstinting support for this village community. We welcome Susan and Dereck to our gathering and look forward to their company.

I would like to finish my report with a message, and that comes in two words Sandra Stannard. Your very nature provides a foundation upon which communities are founded, all organisations in this village feel great pride and respect to know and have worked with you.

And these words apply to all who have worked and who still work for the good of this Parish. Without you this village would not be in the place that it is.

So to end, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year .

See you at Carols on The Green on the 19th and we are doing the Hangover Hike on New Year’s Day at 10.45 at the Four Horseshoes Carpark

Thanks All.








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