Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Organising Files & Folders Part 1

November 18th 2019

The aim of this session is to gain a basic understanding of how to name and organise the files stored on your computer. The topics covered will include:

  • understanding how physical storage components of your computer (e.g. hard drive, DVD drive, memory stick) are identified, and how to access and use them
  • understanding the structure of the computer’s folder and file system, and creating a structure of your own
  • navigating the file system: being able to find, open, save, create files in your chosen location
  • how to select one or more files in preparation for an action
  • renaming, moving, copying files

Click the link below to view or download a document which

  • describes some basic essential operations – select, cut, copy & paste – which are critical when manipulating files and in many other situations
  • describes the basic attributes of files and folders

  Briefing Note - File Management

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