Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Clean Up Cockfield 2015

Love where we live logoThis year our annual litter pick of public areas, verges and public footpaths will concentrate on the weekend of 21st and 22nd March.

Volunteers are sought to help with the clean up effort over the 2 days. To help to ensure coverage of the village we have set up a list defining the areas we wish to cover.

To volunteer to clean up one or more areas, please look at the table below and email specifying the reference of the area(s) you wish to cover. You will receive a confirmation email and the area(s) will be marked as allocated on the table.

Pickers, jackets and bags will be available from Cockfield Hall Barn from Wednesday 18th March. Please drop your ‘pickings’ off at the Barn when you return your equipment as a photo will be taken of it all. The rubbish will be collected from the Barn by Babergh on Tuesday 24th.

Guidelines for volunteer litter pickers can be found on the Babergh website by clicking here.

Whatever you do please do it safely!

Last updated 8th Feb

Location Description Status
Area 1 A1141 from the parish boundary at the bridge south of Gallows Lane to the 40 mph sign just south of the 3 Horseshoes  Allocated
Area 2 From the 40 mph sign just south of the Horseshoe to the Clipt Bushes turning
Area 3 From the Clipt Bushes turning to 40 mph signs north of Mackenzie Place
Area 4 From 40 mph signs north of Mackenzie Place to Mill Corner
Area 5 From Mill Corner to The Abbey  Allocated
Area 6 From The Abbey to Cross Green
Area 7 From Cross Green to its junction with the A134  Allocated
Area 8 Earls Hall Lane from its junction with the A1141 to its junction with Perrydown Lane  Allocated
Area 9 Gallows Lane from the A1141 to Smithwood Green and back to the A1141 past Clipt Bushes  Allocated
Area 10 Old Hall Lane  Allocated
Area 11 Windsor Green Lane from the A1141 to the A134  Allocated
Area 12 The By Road from the A1141 to its junction with Windsor Green Lane (past the telephone exchange)  Allocated
Area 13 Howe Lane from Mill Corner to the War Memorial  Allocated
Area 14 Howe Lane from the War Memorial to Parsonage Green  Allocated
Area 15 Chapel Road from Parsonage Green to the telephone box on Great Green  Allocated
Area 16 Church lane including the Village Hall car park  Allocated
Area 17 Perrydown Lane from the War Memorial to the junction with Earls Hall Lane
Area 18 Perrydown Lane from its junction with Earls Hall Lane to Bulls Wood Lane
Area 19 Perrydown Lane from Bulls Wood lane to the Parish Boundary south east of Buttons Green
Area 20 Bulls Wood Lane
Area 21 St Peters Churchyard  Allocated
Area 22 Parsonage Green to Palmers Farm
Area 23 Birds Lane from Chapel Road to Colchester Green
Area 24 Great Green south-east side from the telephone box to the Felsham Road corner
Area 25 Great Green north side from the Felsham Road corner to the Bury Road corner  Allocated
Area 26 Great Green west side from the Bury Road corner to the telephone box
Area 27 Bury Road from Great Green to the Parish boundary (bridge north of Smallbridge Farm)  Allocated
Area 28 Felsham Road from the corner of Great Green to the Parish boundary (road junction at the Stone)  Allocated
Area 29 Dukes Meadow
Area 30 Green Lane
Footpath 1 From A1141 through New Barn and along the airfield to Smithwood Green
Footpath 2 Perrydown Lane to Earls Meadow
Footpath 3 Earls Meadow
Footpath 4 Church Lane to Chapel Road
Footpath 5 Abbey footpath from the A1141 to St Peter’s Church Yard  Allocated

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