Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Bruff’s Line Earl’s Meadow

A few weeks ago I wrote of having to take down a Willow tree which had become unsafe. Opposite the tree was a patch of scrub. I would never say that it was worthless but it was a total tangle with a lot of dead wood in the centre. We decided to clear this area . It may look like wanton destruction but it’s all done with a purpose. We never clear an area without putting back and a lot of hard  work has gone into both the clearing and subsequent replanting of the site. Where once was a tangle of dead wood we have now planted Dog Roses , Hornbeam, fruit trees and Buddleia and have under-planted with Snowdrops and Bluebells. Give it some time to establish and, not only will it look a picture but it will be a most valuable habitat for the birds, bees butterflies and beasts.



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