Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

Babergh & Mid Suffolk Joint Local Plan

Babergh & Mid Suffolk are currently inviting everyone to have their say on the new Joint Local Plan. This Plan will inform how Babergh & Mid Suffolk will develop over the next 20 years and will set out the policies against which planning applications will be considered along with any Neighbourhood Plans that are made.

There is a need to deliver more housing in our districts – the Joint Local Plan will identify where new housing should go and what types of housing should be built. It will also seek to promote our economy by identifying land for businesses and setting out policies for the future of our town centres. Alongside this, the Joint Local Plan will set out an approach to protecting and enhancing our environment and delivering infrastructure.

Potential sites for development are also identified – your views on these will be important when Councils decide which sites to allocate for development in the Joint Local Plan.

A series of events are being held in October where anyone can come along and find out more. To find out about these events and for information on how you can comment, visit  [link opens in a new tab]


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