Suffolk Village of the Year 2023

New Babergh / Mid-Suffolk Website

Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have launched their new website and phone number, delivering new, easier ways for residents to access Council Services.

Following councillors voting to adopt a new Public Access Strategy last September the new website, accessible across any device, and new phone number – 0300 123 4000 – will help residents access council information and services quickly and easily, wherever they are.

To ensure easy access for both new residents and long term users, the new website is available via either council’s url at: or

Among the new features of the website, users will notice:

  • A clearer, cleaner layout
  • Easier, quicker ways to find what they’re looking for
  • Technology that works on PCs, tablets and mobile phones
  • More ways to pay online for our services


Users can also provide feedback on the new website design, via a “Website Feedback” button in the top right corner of each page, or via the urls: or

The new website is the cornerstone of the councils’ public access strategy, helping the councils become digital by design, allowing residents to access all council services directly from their own devices. Babergh and Mid Suffolk will continue to add further developments and improvements to the website, including as a result of user feedback, to ensure a smooth and useful experience for all website users.

For residents following up specific cases, the councils’ new phone number enables callers to access all council services by telephone via a single number on:

0300 123 4000

Whatever council service residents need to contact, from planning to waste services, this new number will ensure they can do so without having to trawl through several different numbers to find the appropriate line.

Residents will be able to access all council services via this number between 8.30am and 5pm on weekdays, and will be directed to the appropriate out of hours contact when dialling the number at other times.

The councils’ Public Access Strategy covers a wide range of ways in which residents interact with the councils, and the new website and phone number form just a part of the work being undertaken to make accessing council services as easy as possible.

Arthur Charvonia, Chief Executive of Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, said: “We aim to make any contact our residents have with the councils as swift and simple as possible.

“Our new website will ensure that residents can access any service, at any time, from anywhere, while our new phone number will cut down the amount of time callers spend on hold and put residents in touch with the officers they need to speak to. We want everyone in our district to be able to contact us quickly and easily and these new channels make sure that goal becomes a reality.”

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