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Community Council Chairman’s Report November 2015

It hardly seems like a year has passed since I sat here doing the same as I am now; time simply flies by when you’re having fun. This year has been notable for fun and hard work in equal measures and all of the trustees have stepped up to the line in both of these aspects.

2014 was a year of learning and in 2015 it seems that that learning paid off as the events programme flourished as we got better at planning, organising and delivering activities which the community would enjoy and as the community responded by supporting the events which help the community council to support the village.

We had some truly pleasurable events this year The children’s (and parents) panto which was greatly enjoyed by both age group, the 60’s night proved to be a “turn back time” moment for those of us of more mature years and I’m sure that the younger attendees were delighted to see their elders demonstrate the finer aspects of rock and rolling. The Art Show was something different again; a three-day event takes a lot of organising and a lot of volunteers to make it work and, thanks to the commitment of the CC and others, work it most certainly did.
The Cockfield Show was, once again, very special. It was a pleasure to see new and old village residents greeting each other in the glorious gardens of Clipt Bushes. The Barn Dance night was a sight to behold, a packed dance floor moving in splendid synchronisation with relatively few collisions. Spellbinding co-ordination.

We held an Old and Interesting evening to which people brought their treasures and had the pleasure of hearing a very well versed antiques expert taking time to talk about each and every item. Watch Green links for the tale of the reunited spoons!

And, in addition to these jollifications so much work has been going on, from Bruff’s Line to the Pavilion to starting to think about updating the children’s play equipment; money raised in the village going back to support the village which is as it should be.

So, another busy and entertaining year and, I have no doubt, another to follow. None of the events and activities could happen or run so smoothly without the support of the “Behind the scenes” people who lend things, move things, bake and make and mend things, fetch and carry and serve and organise.

People like Neil Ashton in his high tech world, those who look after the greens, clear footpaths and undertake so many, many tasks, so often unpaid just to help the CC and to keep the village comfortable. These people don’t want MBEs or Blue Peter Badges, just a thought and a thank you.

So Thank You to everybody in every village organisation; to those who helped and supported the village so brilliantly throughout 2015.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and leave you with a thought:

Stand today, look to yesterday, learn for tomorrow.

Rod Williams
CC Chairman.



What does the Community Council do?

Cockfield Community Council was established as a charity in 1968 with the objective of providing a new village hall for recreational facilities and other amenities to improve the lifestyles of the community residing in the village.

  • Manages the sports pavilion on Great Green
  • Manages and maintains the community mini bus, which is available for use, subject to a payment for mileage, by any member over the age of 25 holding a clean driving licence.  You also need to be a member of the Community Council to hire the minibus.
  • Organises the Village Fete during the summer
  • Organises the Gig on the Green in summer (except for 2012 when the Gig on the Green was combined with the Jubilee celebrations which were paid for jointly with the Parish Council).
  • Organises monthly Country & Western dances in the Village Hall.
  • Organises an annual village Golf Day
  • Organises the New Year’s Day hike.
  • Supports the annual ‘Carols on the Green’ service.
  • Supports the Earl’s Meadow/Bruff’s Line woodland project
  • Supports, on an ad hoc basis, any village projects being undertaken by, for example, the Village Hall Committee or the various pre-school groups.
  • Supports the Cockfield Computer Circle
  • Supports the Cockfield First Responders group.

Where does the money come from?

  • Subscriptions and a monthly draw
  • The monthly dances
  • A monthly waste paper collection
  • Profits from the Fete

How much do we spend?

This year we have contributed £2,000 to the purchase of additional land at Earl’s Meadow, £1,800 to the celebration of HM the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and £2,000 to the purchase of equipment for the First Responders. In addition to this we pay for pavilion maintenance, electricity and water.

The Community Council relies on members for finance, through subscriptions, and volunteering to help in our many activities.  If you’re not a member, why not join now?  It only costs £3 per person per year (that’s 25 pence per month!).

We also run a monthly draw, with prizes of £20, £15, £10 and £5 – again this costs just £3 per year.

Join now – your Community Council needs YOU!

For more information, or if you would like to become a member, or make a donation or get involved, please email JavaScript must be enabled to view this email

Community Council Constitution

In October 2013 the Community Council Constitution was revised.

To view or download a copy, click the link below:

  Community Council Constitution, 2013 Revision