‘Learn to Love Your Computer!’

The Cockfield Computer Circle (CCC) sets out to help participants improve their computing knowledge and gain confidence in carrying out common tasks. This is achieved through a combination of teaching and sharing of experience amongst participants in a relaxed environment.

The classes are based on Windows 10.

The Programme includes a 2 part session on getting the most from your iPad or iPhone. Please note these sessions are not suitable for those with Android or Windows mobile devices.

Please visit www.cockfieldcomputercircle.org.uk for full Programme details .


The 2017-18 Programme is now over. The 2018-19 Programme will begin late October / early November. Details of the Programme will be published nearer the time but will be broadly similar to the 2017-18 Programme still showing on the Computer Circle website.

Sessions take place on Mondays from 2.30 to 4.30 p.m.


In Cockfield. Further details will be sent to participants.

The Programme

The Programme is divided into 2 blocks. Beginners are encouraged to sign up at least for Block 1, which covers foundation skills in the most common PC tasks. Those who already have basic knowledge are welcome to dip into selected sessions.

Block 1 Intended for beginners – no prior knowledge is assumed. The objective in attending each session in the block is for participants to acquire the foundation skills to use their computer, together with a basic familiarity in the most common computer tasks:

  • using the internet
  • using email
  • basic folder and file organisation
  • organising and viewing digital photographs
  • creating and modifying simple documents
Block 2 Includes sessions which go a little deeper into some of the topics from the first block, as well as introducing some new topics

Additional Information

  • A donation of £1 per person per session is invited
  • There are 11 places available for each session
  • The facility consists of 8 desktop computers running Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2013
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops. Please bear in mind that the programs in use may not be the same as those of the CCC facility

For further information please visit the website or email JavaScript must be enabled to view this email